Dealing with chronic pain
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Pelvic pain

harry01harry01 Member Posts: 160 Connected
These doctors really let me down. There must be some connection between gingivitis and pain here. I don't really understand. Anyone study this? There is literally no other reason I should have pain here.

I mean, do I pass this information onto the WHO? I have told the doctors about this connection. I ruled out everything else. I get tired of this stuff. Maybe they're just going to have to realise that there is more to it. 

They would not be willing to try this experiment themselves. 


  • harry01harry01 Member Posts: 160 Connected
    Noone should be left to deal with this. My pain got much worse with this gingivitis. It is simply that they don't believe this. And that's what it boils down to. If they had personal experience they would not be treating it like this.

    Hmmm I wonder if they're going to propose CBT for this. :) In their vast wisdom! 

    I'm sorry but they deserve to be ridiculed for this. They largely made a made a mockery of this. 
  • harry01harry01 Member Posts: 160 Connected
    Completely ruins your experience of living. 
  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 9,113 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @harry01 Sorry you are still in so much pain, why do you think they are connected I know you have mentioned this before.

    Isnt it a possibility the pelvic pain is a new undiagnosed pain, try and not focus on the connection but more about getting some treatment and pain relief 

    Sorry if I am on the wrong track here 
  • harry01harry01 Member Posts: 160 Connected

    Because you rule out all the list of things it could be, the onset of the pain and likely explanations. 

    It didn't come out of nowhere. Even the generalised body pain that I have was caused by stress. But there is a limit to what stress can cause. 

    I have seen a urologist and had several blood tests and urine samples. 

    The doctor agreed that a man my age and health has no reason to have this pain. I can only look further but whatever the case they are referring me to get help with my oral hygiene.

  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 9,113 Disability Gamechanger
    Ok hope it works out, but pain can just come from nowhere , pain all starts one day you are ok and the next day you have the pain 

    Have you had any scans or xrays it could be bone or muscle related  anyway I am not a doctor and I hope the treatment helps
  • harry01harry01 Member Posts: 160 Connected
    Well the generalised pain started from a back trauma. But then I had these body spasms in my 20s again medically investigated and that part at least seemed to be caused by brain activity/ really high mental stress. 
  • OxonladyOxonlady Member Posts: 381 Pioneering
    Hi harry01, sorry to hear that you are still in pain. 
    Back injuries can cause all sorts of mischief if certain nerves are in any way affected. The pain you are feeling could actually be caused by even slight damage to the relevant nerve. 

    With regard to gingivitis, it is known to be associated with heart problems due to the fact that the same bacteria that cause gum problems can attack the mitral heart valves. So it's not beyond the realms of possibility that other tissues in the body could be similarly affected. How this can be tested though, I'm not sure... 

    I still think it's worth you seeing a neurologist, in case your pain is due to nerve damage from your back problems. 

    I hope you do find relief somehow, it's awful being in pain. 

  • harry01harry01 Member Posts: 160 Connected
    Thanks @Oxonlady while the other body pains are not easy to cope with I could sleep with them this other pain is just too much. 

    I did see a neurologist at 25. It was 11 years ago. So I guess this was ruled out? 

    They said a similar thing in a science problem about bacteria being responsible. I also saw a theory about low grade inflammation. I just know that pain came on late 2018. It really panicked me. 

    The only positive is my care coordinator has got me referred so they can help clean my teeth/gums. I am pretty confident this will help. 

    I personally think it is one of those cases of them just completely underestimating something. I remain open to it being something else but I am capable of differentiating between stress even when I say and don't doubt this can cause these episodic 'body' spasms. That doesn't relate to this area. They were very keen to just relate it to stress. I'm sorry, but there's simply no way that's the case. 

    I've taken measures in lockdown to reduce stress. 

    They have referred me for shoulder scan as a separate issue and I keep exploring shoulder movements and exercise that don't come with pain. It seems to slowly help. 

    Thanks again for talking this through. I just try and say a bit more to the doctors each time. 

  • OxonladyOxonlady Member Posts: 381 Pioneering
    I do hope, harry01, that once the gingivitis is addressed that you will see an improvement in the pelvic pain as well.
    I think doctors put everything down to stress so that they don't have to do anything. 
    I'm feeling so ill today I could just walk through the exit door if there was one. I just can't take any more. But I haven't even bothered to call the GP because nothing gets done. It they send me to A&E, nothing gets done. No one is helping. I know that this isn't just stress. Or even "steroid poisoning", as one doctor suggested recently. Well, who gave me the steroids in the first place?
    Show me a doctor who really cares... 

    Sorry, harry01, I don't mean to depress you, I know you've got your own problems but I'm at my wit's end today. 
  • harry01harry01 Member Posts: 160 Connected
    No @Oxonlady. The future is people saying how they actually are. I respect that. And your account helps me as I agree with you so strongly. 

  • OxonladyOxonlady Member Posts: 381 Pioneering
    Hi harry01, just wanted to wish you a good night. 
    It's been hard going today and I kept having to go back to bed as I can't even stand up today but I'm being optimistic about a better tomorrow. 
    I wish that for you, too. 
  • harry01harry01 Member Posts: 160 Connected
    @Oxonlady wish it to you too. I hope that someone in the system starts listening to both of us.
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