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Beware fake N95 masks on Amazon.

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When buying masks on Amazon recently, it came to my attention that some are fake. 

I think you need to pay attention to the C and E mark.
There has to be an appropriate space between the C and the E. 
Amazon is allowing many sellers to sell n95 masks, but if you look carefully at the photos of the cheaper deals, selling n95 masks, you will see that the letters C and E are closer together than they should be.

Can you see how the C and the E, printed on the mask, are closer together in the photo here:

Than they are in the photo here:

Where the C and the E are closer together, it appears that it is not a legitimate European Conformance CE mark.
They have not been tested, and it is illegal to sell these on the European market.
If the C and the E are closer together, then they are likely fakes.

(Its genocidal of Amazon to allow fake masks to be sold during a pandemic, but who can you complain to about globalists?)

Stay Safe!


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