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Hi, my name is PaulSmith29!

My names Paul I'm 29, a couple of years ago after struggling with Instructions given at work and not being able to keep up with targets (along with issues I'm my personal life) , I decided to see my Dr for dyspraxia and some kind of a diagnosis as I know how expensive a formal one is. 

After my Dr asked lots of questions and some mental tests, He informed me that in his personal opinion I did have dyspraxia and kindly wrote this in a letter for my employer. I had tests done as a child in the 90's, but in a time when these issues (Dyslexia/dyspraxia) were not understood, I had both looked into formally, however I can now find no paperwork and my parents are unsure what exactly was found. 

I am 99% sure I have Dyspraxia now, as reading the symptoms of Issues with coordination, struggling to get my thoughts in order (something I constantly struggle and get fustraited with) and I have even seen today that fatigue is also common and I am finding this to be more and more of an issue. 

Has anyone else on here experienced symptoms but does'nt have a formal diagnosis? Or is there anything I can do that won't cost the earth? Also just any general tips on how to deal with these things on a day-to-day basis would be much appreciated. I do find relaxation and mindfulness videos on youtube to be of some help but guess I've also found it difficult till now to help myself (it's nothing to do with motivation, it's just a constant struggle if that makes any sence). I hope that joining here I will be able to get involved & help other people living with this also. 



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