What benefits am I entitled to?
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I don't know what to claim

Hi I'm about to move in with my partner who is also now my carer. We are obviously gonna hav to claim as a couple but how? I'm trying to make sure I'm jo worst off, His on uc and im on income related esa with severe disability premium, can I put him on my esa claim? Or Should I also claim uc? We thought about carers allowance but I know I’ll lose my sdp so I’m worried about that I literally can’t find any advice about This hoping someone here can help me Thankyou in advance 


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    Hi and welcome to scope @natasha_nc, have a look at this;
    my advice is given freely and is correct to the best of my knowledge.
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    Hi and welcome 

    Why dont you try using a benefits calculator to put all your details in 

    I may be wrong but I think you will lose your SDP as you need to live alone to qualify for this or with someone who also claims a disability benefit 

    I am sure our benefits expert will advise you more when they see this 
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    Hello @natasha_nc.

    Unfortunately you will lose SDP when your partner moves in. As he's already claiming UC you will have to make a joint claim for UC once you are living together. 

    He could claim Carer's Allowance alongside UC but this would be deducted in full from your joint UC as it is classed as an overlapping benefit. Some people like doing this as it is paid more frequently than UC and makes higher NI contributions, but unless you live in Scotland there is no financial gain to claiming both CA and UC.
    However, he can have the carer premium added to your joint UC which will add £162 a month to your joint claim.

    When you join claims your ESA would transfer over to UC. Do you know which group you are currently in on ESA? Support Group or WRAG? 
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    Hi I hav tried using the calculator but can’t seem to get it to tell me what we should do il try again tho. Thankyou for your response I know I’ll probably lose my sdp I just worried about how much money I will lose altogether you know! 
    And wether my partner should claim cares with his uc and when he does will that trigger me to have to claim uc (wish it was simple grr) 
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    Adrian_Scope I’m in the support group for esa. Thankyou for your quick response I thought I’d hav to join his claim but wanted to be sure before I set the wheels in motion for this as it’s a big change. 
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    Hi @natasha_nc - & welcome to the community.
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    Welcome to the community @natasha_nc :) 
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    Firstly if any part of your ESA is contributions based then you will keep this part because this isn't part of UC, this would be £113.55 per week. Although this will be deducted in full from any UC entitlement.

    As you're in the Support Group for ESA then this will be honoured in UC and you'll receive the LCWRA element. This means you'll be entitled to the standard allowance for couples, if at least 1 of you is over 25 then you'll receive £594.04, if both of you are under 25 then you'll receive £488.59, LCWRA element £341.92 plus any other elements that you maybe entitled to but this will depend on your circumstances.

    Your partner will be able to claim the carers element of UC for looking after you. 

    What you will be entitled to in total will totally depend on both your circumstances. Without knowing all of your circumstances it's impossible to give any specific advice. Using a benefits calculator will tell you what you maybe entitled to.

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