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Hi, my name is lainyjane! I'd like to connect with other parents and carers

lainyjane Member Posts: 12 Listener
Hello I'm just new in here. I hope you are all well and keeping safe in these difficult times. 
I'm a full time carer for both my adult sons as well as working a full time job. It can be exhausting at times but my boys are more than worth it. I know I cant go on the way I am at the moment but I'm in a bit of a rut. I've no time to see friends and little time to even help my mum as I rent a house to my eldest lad and unfortunately he has become very destructive.  I spend almost every weekend and all my anual leave fixing his house. My youngest so 29 lives with me. He has high cerebral palsy and aspergers and is currently studying law at uni. You might think that with the accodemic ability to do this he may not need much support , that isnt the case. He is completely isolated due to covid as all uni work is from home. I'm having to divide my time between both my boys and my mum , leaving me no time to relax , catch up with friends or even have a holiday. 
I love my job and it's a bit of an escape although it's just going from one caring roll to another
 I have many health issues but I just carry on take what ever medication I need and do what needs to be done.
. I'm sure lots of people on here have similar stories . It would be good to chat to other parent in this situation 

Kind regards 




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