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Early morning

Ibelive2020Ibelive2020 Member Posts: 803 Pioneering
Thats me up early once again i mean sure my body dont know how too sleep Everyone else still in land of nod lol so just made myself cuppa then going to potter about and sort kids school work out for today 


  • OxonladyOxonlady Member Posts: 381 Pioneering
    Hi @Ibelive2020, I can see why you get so tired, if you can't sleep much on top of everything else. I've been in severe pain again the last ten days or so and the pain keeps waking me up every couple of hours...
    Sometimes I can barely move. GPs won't do home visits and District Nurses won't come to do blood tests... 

    Anyway, sorry I bothered you with my problems, I hope your day will be positive. 
    Take care. 
  • Ibelive2020Ibelive2020 Member Posts: 803 Pioneering
    @Oxonlady have you took painkillers? Yes it can be tiring do what i do but i tåke 1 day at a time and no need to say sorry your not bothering me with your problems im here for you just like i am for Everyone else if you ever want a chat private msg me takecare 🙂
  • OxonladyOxonlady Member Posts: 381 Pioneering
    Hi @Ibelive2020, thank you for your kind message.
    I slept for another two hours and hey presto, I'm awake again. I don't seem to be able to get more than two hours sleep in one go, so I never feel rested. 

    I don't know how to do private messages but feel free to message me if you know how. I know it's tough for you too, and you are right, we do have to take it one day at a time. 

    I hope the home schooling goes well for you and the children today. Take care. 
  • Ibelive2020Ibelive2020 Member Posts: 803 Pioneering
    @Oxonlady thanks for your kind message aswell i slept from 11.45pm till 1.10am then again from 2am till 3.20am Been awake since i suffer with Insomnia hope you have good day stay safe takecare xxx
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,651 Listener
    I don't do mornings, never have done except when I used to have to for school and College and stuff.

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