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I need help about buying my ex-husband out of my property.

Dack1967Dack1967 Member Posts: 12 Listener
Sorry can I ask again has anyone on here managed to buy there ex husband out off the property I’m trying very hard to get a mortgage but on benefits pip  UC this was my house before I met him I have a criminal court case in Febuary going to trial years domestic abuse on every scale he has a list off charges against him my house has been made secure by Womans aud and the Police also have soecial measures in place with Police as he is a dangerous man have a interdict to keep him abd anyone that has anything to do with him keep him well away from myself and my daughter anyone I asked before any ohone any idea about mortgages on benefits etc I have no mortgage so full equity my house is what I’ve worked for all my life can’t take equity in to young I will be 55 next year so is there anyone at all benn in a similar situation I’m not well or fit enough to move as well I have a crumbling spine and arthritis all through my body so in a lot pain every day another thing he took charge off all the money controlled it etc and left me with no money as he had been stashing it away for years can anyone give me any advice I’ve just moved Solicitor as my other Solicitor did nothing to help this has went on year abd half but CAB told me as he has trued to force me to sell but CAB says if house was to get sold but it can’t get sold anyway until his criminal trial is over as the outcome off that could have a impact on what happens with house etc we’d him controlling money giving me no money leaving me with no money just made me get into a it off debt which I have in hand as well can anyone please help ????


  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,413 Disability Gamechanger
    @Dack1967 I think I remember your original post, I have to say that its difficult to get a mortgage when you income is from benefits, if it was your house before you met him is his name on the deeds? I'm really sorry but some of the questions you are can only be answered by a legal expert (solicitor).

    Being 55 won't help either i'm afraid, I think in your last post I asked if your daughter lived with you and worked? maybe she could enter the mortgage equation?
    There is also equity release to consider but again that needs a lot of thought.
    "Putting a child into care, isn't caring for a child" (T.Rhattigan)
  • Dack1967Dack1967 Member Posts: 12 Listener
    Hi there thank you for you’re help answer no it’s my name on the title deeds he leant me the money for his share but there are lots iff flaws in contract so that doesn’t stand lawyer says to many that’s not right that’s not right he was due up in court on criminal charges relating to me s
    donestic abuse there was financial abuse don’t think he has been charged with the financial or sexual abuse towards me so many assaults threatening to murder me animal abuse etc I paid my council rent for nearly forty years full rent as I hasmd always worked but since taking ill it’s impossible had mri deteriation off the base off my spine bones bulging disc sciatica bladder damage caused by a op I had pernicous anemia my daughter private rents her own place she is with me due to this with my husband he also did things to her so court date is postponed until July he is on strict bail conditions at the moment has denied all charges even though mist charges I have 100 per cent proof he did commit them anyway I now here he is trying everything to get me out the house he has the Deeds stole them from my possession I would say if my name is on as owner just my name these Deeds also belong to me not him don’t know as I’m going to be asking fir them from him if I should yet again involve Police as I have no contact with him nor his family he is a liar abd a conman later on bragged about ripping his last partner off with her house for extra 15 thousand pounds  he wants me out I’m exhausted trying fir mortgages my lawyer I changed lawyer thinking get another lawyer they might do something still the sane has t even shown his bank accounts nothing I’ve been emailing calling to speak to my lawyer finally after four weeks I have a phone app this week with her I just don’t know where to turn what to do he left me with nothing he controlled all the money etc what he handed me abd stashed the rest in a safe in the house I got a pittance off him wouldn’t even feed him for a week never help me with bills etc  this man is gettting away with lying about everything even denied having a pension he’s taking out this year worth thousands gave my last lawyer the proof I still have proof she kept the other proof I had never handed it over to this other lawyer sorry it’s so long winded the Police have measures put in place fir a bit safety but I have to watch where abd when I walking take different routes etc twenty years nearly all hell still hell I just don’t know what to do he put in gmfir civil legal Sid I was changing lawyers then abd I got the letter on Hogmanay this new lawyer says she put in a apposal by email I called legal Sid they said well there’s no email so my daughter did a email we sent copies off the pension everything I had about him money etc sent all that that was third week in January the email was sent heard nothing not even a email nothing what have I to do I honestly truemy don’t know where to turn feel sick all time cabt eat sleep this has went on nearly a year abd a half oh civil legal aid was for to take me to court about the house abd divorce fir unreasonable behaviour I was the victim off his abuse so I’m here don’t know if I’m going to get taken to court but if he wins I’ve to pay court fees which is thousands off pounds data I feel like I can’t even do this anymore I’m getting no help lagally nothing what do I do ??????   
  • Dack1967Dack1967 Member Posts: 12 Listener
    not 55 until next year so can’t get equity release then also he is stating the house is with 120 but he never maintained the house had water coming in my bedroom ceiling fir 8 years he never got it fixed needs new heating system new bathroom new roof new kitchen basically gutted the way it is the way he left it I’ve akways kept it clean and tidy akways having to skivvy clear up at the back off him the ness the house is in plus it was last decorated 12 years ago wgen I did it he would t even decorate I didn’t have the money to pay a painter he had all the money he wouldn’t get anything fixed what’s happened it’s dropped value off the house to about 60 half what it should be I’m devastated I’m not fit or well enough to move no private let’s about not chance with council unless I go homeless even then they said they could put me anywhere I need to be beside my family as my daughter helps me I don’t drive it’s all nust a mess I see no way out at all I’m just at the end had enough can’t take much more off it all I just don’t know I’m tired off having to fight everything myself he has his fancy lawyer on legal aid as well rearing into me every other week I just honestly can’t do this can anyone help please ?????????
  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,413 Disability Gamechanger
    @Dack1967 i'm afraid it's a difficult case for anybody in a forum to give correct advice on, have you got a solicitor? have you spoken to CAB (I know they are closed but they are still operating on the phone).I did fins something online but have never used it:

    "Putting a child into care, isn't caring for a child" (T.Rhattigan)
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