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Are you a fan of hot chocolate?

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No, I'm not talking about the legendary band who's hits included 'Sexy Thing'!

I'm referring to the warm cocoa drink that's being celebrated today in recognition of... <drumroll> National Hot Chocolate Day!

hot chocolate being poured into a cup

So, a little belatedly to the hot chocolate partay, I'm asking you:
  • Do you like hot chocolate? 
  • And if so - How do you like it? Squirty cream? Marshmallows? Sprinkles? 

Let me know your chocolatey thoughts in the comments below! :)
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Are you a fan of hot chocolate? 17 votes

Yes, bring on the hot cocoa of the gods!
veritercleeCalladymegs2019woodbinevikingqueenMiltsCher_Inactive[Deleted User][Deleted User]BrettWcoylygirllisathomas50 13 votes
Bleh... no thank you.
janer1967Cressida 2 votes
I have no opinion either way and wanted to join in!
cartha66Mustang 2 votes



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