Cerebral Palsy
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Hi, my name is Dan! I have CP, and would like to hear about others' experiences

Dsmout96Dsmout96 Member Posts: 11 Connected
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Hi, I'm Dan, I've had cerebral palsy (spastic diaplegia) since birth.  I had a couple of operations over the last 15 years, I still stumble about as though I'm drunk even when I'm sober. It's great I get to enjoy a drink and nobody notices. Outside of my masters degree  in IT I also enjoy cycling, kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing basically anything that gives a sense of achievement. I've been working with Scope careers service recently in hope of getting a job. I'd love to hear other's experiences and maybe share some of my own, CP doesn't go away and no-one's found the off switch (yet).


  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,454 Disability Gamechanger
    hi @Dsmout96 a very warm welcome to scope you certainly sound as though you keep yourself active, good luck with looking for a job, you must have a great CV !
    Hope you stick around and join in the forum we're not a bad crowd.
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  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 3,662 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Dsmout96 and welcome to the community 🙂
  • Dsmout96Dsmout96 Member Posts: 11 Connected
    Thanks for everyone taking the time to reply and so quickly as well! I feel blessed to have such a warm welcome.

    I do try and keep myself active as much as possible, certainly during the pandemic it has been difficult to a purpose to each day. Even though I can get out of bed independently, I struggle to motivate myself to get up at a reasonable time, when I don't have a deadline to force me. Though I suppose there's no magic remedy to this.
  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,160 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome 

    You seem very determined to make the most of your life with lots of things going on and that's great 
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 5,002

    Scope community team

    Hello and welcome to the community @Dsmout96 :) I'm glad you've found us, and thank you for sharing some of your experiences so far.

    Just to let you know, I've moved your post into our CP category and renamed it slightly so that other members will be able to find it more easily. 

    It's great that you've been in touch with Scope employment service. How have you been finding it?

    Also, if you weren't aware already, Scope and CP Sport run a weekly virtual CP Cafe for those aged over 20, which you might like to join. 
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  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Posts: 2,834

    Scope community team

    Hi @Dsmout96
    Great to meet you! I have CP too. What type of work interest you?
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  • Dsmout96Dsmout96 Member Posts: 11 Connected
    @Tori_ScopeThanks for taking the time to reply, and to move my post to its rightful home. I had no idea there was a CP section clearly I have many more areas of the forum to get familiar with. @Richard_Scope My background and qualifications are in IT I'd be interested in any suitable IT type roles. Since autumn I have been applying for various IT and Cyber Security graduate level roles, I usually get asked to do online tests and then the company gets back saying I was unsuccessful.  I have been working with a Scope careers adviser and mentor at Deloitte, to see if there's any tricks I'm missing or improvements I could make to my CV etc. 
  • WestHam06WestHam06 Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,354 Pioneering
    Hi @Dsmout96
                             Welcome to the community and thank you for joining us. How are you? Please do take a look around the community and join in with any conversations which may be of interest to you. We are a friendly and supportive community and support one another. Also, please do ask any questions you may have and someone here on the community will try to answer. I have Cerebral Palsy as do other members of the community. I'm pleased you're working with Scope employment service, I hope you are finding it useful as it sounds as though you have lots of knowledge to share. Please may I ask, you mention you would like to share experiences, in what context, if any, were you thinking? Thank you. 
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 5,002

    Scope community team

    edited February 5
    I hope that the Scope adviser will be able to continue to help @Dsmout96 :) I'm sure that the mentor from Deloitte will be able to offer you some fantastic insight too.

    In terms of the online tests, have you done practice ones online? It could also be worth getting in touch with your university's careers centre (if they have one), as they'll often have access to practice tests and advice resources. They may also be able to support you in applying for jobs more generally. Have you been in touch with them before? 
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