Physical impairments and mobility issues
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Leg shorter than the other

Hi i was just wondering if anyone else has a leg shorter than the other? My right leg is nearly 2 inches shorter than my left due to an accident when i was a baby. The pain im in is horrendous, my neck and shoulders and my back. My doctor is useless and just doesn't get it. Hopefully someone else will understand.


  • janer1967janer1967 Community champion Posts: 7,462 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome 

    I had this due to a back injury 

    I went to a chiropractor and had intensive therapy 3 times a week for months and then co tinted with visits every 2 weeks for 2 years but it did the trick 

    Hope you get it sorted 
  • newbornnewborn Member Posts: 657 Pioneering
    I had to get the shoe repairers to build up one of each new pair of shoes.  It was far less than the real difference, but it helped.  Physio is the answer, but getting it is the question, in U.K. If you are in most comparable countries, their versions of public health include better standards in many ways, notably physio.  In Spain, for example,  it is perfectly normal to go as often as needed, for as long as needed, and for both exercise, massage and pain treatments, all  , free (Even if you choose for some reason to go privately, it is at  ridiculously cheap charge)

    For pain, my preference is ice for inflamed hurting bits, and those electric hot water bottles for all the other bits.
    If I could go back years and advise myself, I would sternly say "Be Obedient".  Obedient to your body.  I'm very lucky, but there is a downside of stubbornly driving yourself on, ignoring what your body is plainly telling you.  If it hurts, duh don't do it.   For years I never thought of that!.  And, paying close attention and thinking back, use your brain to help stop pain.  If things hurt a lot one day, go over what you did earlier, or the day before.  It can take time for the penny to drop, and make the link between   some activity and the punishment. 
     (Silly things like the twisting movement used to vacuum, and also  to unload a shopping trolley onto the conveyor at check-out.  Eventually, I realised that although it didn't hurt at the time, my body sent a  Do Not Do This message, hours later or next day.)

    Possibly, not sending your whole weight down your stressed body might help?  I tried crutches, then gutter crutches, then a gutter upright walker.   Not NHS.  They don't even supply shock absorbing ferrules, which cost next to nothing and prevent extra injury.  They rarely if ever  offer gutter crutches, which prevent hand and wrist strain.  The Topro Troja frame I bought at a disability exhibition has been worth the price.  You make it take as much, or as little, of your weight as you like.  If one side of you is hurting, it can be the other side that does more work.  If you are really tired or in pain, you can just sit down on it, or you can slump just about all your weight onto it and slowly let it roll you home.
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