Having to fill in a Health questionnaire

TeddyB22 Community member Posts: 178 Contributor
Hi I received a note on my UC Journal saying they are going to send out a questionnaire about my illness and decide if I should be looking for work. This is the first time I've been asked to do this and I am just a little worried. My illnesses are mental and I remember having one before UC and them saying they won't be calling me in for a long time. I just wondered if it's like PIP and you get reassessed every 2/3 yrs.
Has any one been through this and do you have any advice?


  • calcotti
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    It’s the same process as ESA. If you were on ESA before claiming UC your status will have been carried across initially and they have now decided to review. Review periods vary.
  • woodbine
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    Advice, read the questions carefully then consider your answers, answer as fully and honestly as possible and photo copy before returning.
    Good luck
  • TeddyB22
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    Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Fingers crossed it all goes well for you @TeddyB22. Do you have anyone to help you with filling out the forms?