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Feeling like I’m relapsing again not coping well

cupcake88 Member Posts: 1,009 Pioneering
Hi every one 

Its started snowing in my area I have been dreading snow for months . Snow /ice triggers bad memories for my self . As soon as I see snow my ptsd is triggered even seeing it on telly makes me really I’ll . It could be the tiniest amount of snow and my ptsd is triggered . I can see it snowing outside it’s not settling but I’m in a massive panic . 

I have spoken to the crisis team today and there gonna get my nurse to call me tomorrow . I feel like I’m relapsing again the voices in my head are getting louder and I can see the devil again he’s out side my window in my garden my partner said there’s nothing there but I see the horned creature I’m very scared . I just took a diazepam on top of my other medications and still feel panicked . 

I’m trying to distract my self so I have come on here but I’m looking out the window and it’s still there . 



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