Self Employment experiment didn't work, what now?

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Hi Folks, 

I was on ESA for a few years until I decided to try my hand at self employment. The stigma around being on benefits and the desire to be a "Productive member of society" meant that I took the risk and phoned up the ESA office. My ESA was put on hold.

The thing is, that the experiment didn't work out and I consequently, didn't make enough to live on. 

Currently in the process of getting back in touch with DWP to inquire about ESA. But I'm concerned, as the service I offered cost around $300 or so USD on average. Thus, I would gain about 300$ USD in a month, or nothing, and sometimes 600 if I got lucky and had two clients that month. It was service based and took around a month to complete each client work, with a waiting list for subsequent clients.

Thus I wanted to ask, is the permitted work income based solely on weekly income, if I get a client over 140 GBP in any week of the year, even if I don't get another client, for a month afterwards, am I thereafter invalidated from ESA? My weekly work did not exceed the required hours. But I'm not sure due to the inconsistency of my income, if it exceeded the law on weekly income limits. 

Thank you, and all the best



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    Hi @neypperdeypper :)

    How are you? I just wanted to check in to see how you're getting on with regards to your above post about ESA. We're really sorry that no one could answer your query at the time. 

    If you're still struggling to find answers, it might be worthwhile contacting someone directly from your local job centre or you can find some further information about ESA on our Scope information page, here

    Please let us know how you're getting on and if you have any additional questions for us. 
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