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Old Esa vs New Esa

Hello, I hope that this finds people safe and well as could be despite our circumstances. Please can someone give me a wee bit of advice? I was on the “old” Esa, and I was due for review in January this year. I had to call them to let them know that my husband is no longer working, and I enquired about my Esa. I was told that it had been extended until 2023, but I enquired about being moved into the support group. I was told to send in a letter stating why I should be moved over and I didn’t hear anything, so I called and was told that my letter hadn’t arrived, to resend it, which I duly did. Again a few weeks passed, and I called them again, and after stating that I had sent in 2 letters, they discovered it had been filled under my husbands Nat insurance no, his P45 and my letter were posted together. They stated that obviously it had been in the system too long and someone would call me. Well surprisingly they didn’t, so I called them yet again, to be told that it was now being escalated and someone will call and hopefully I’ll then get some money. I missed the call as what usually happens, and I called back, to be told that I was no longer entitled to the Esa credits, I wasn’t receiving money, just the credit, and my husband finishing work didn’t make any difference, and I had to apply for UC. I don’t fit the criteria for this, so I applied for the “new” style Esa. Can someone please tell me if I have a chance or just to give up? The Esa credit meant I could get free dental and warm home discount, now I’m left with nothing. So so sorry for the long post. Take care and stay safe. 


  • calcotti
    calcotti Member Posts: 5,287 Disability Gamechanger
    Unless you have been in work for at least six months in one of the two tax years 2018-19 or 2019-20 you will not meet the qualifying conditions for new style ESA. Even if you did qualify for new style ESA this does not passport you to other things such as free dental care.

    However I am not clear what your situation is. Your post refers to ESA and to ESA credits. Were you being paid ESA? It is possible to get NI credits because you have Limited Capability for Work and you would be entitled to continue to get these credits unless you were found fit for work.

    When you say you do not fit the criteria for UC what do you mean by this? 
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  • jinnty
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    Hello @Calcati
     I was just receiving Esa NI credits, which still classed me as on the Esa, so I was able to claim certain things because of this. I was in the limited capacity for work, but I was advised to ask to be changed to the support group of Esa. I was then informed that I had now been put off it completely for some reason, and to claim UC. I am unable to claim this as I do not meet the criteria for this. So, it now looks like I’ll have to just give up. Thank you for taking the time to reply. 


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