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Decision Letter - wondering when, and if, my extra payment will start from?

em444em444 Member Posts: 9 Listener
edited February 14 in Universal Credit
Hi Everyone 
Hope you're all staying safe and well 
I recently got my decision for my assessment. And I'm a bit unsure about something, In the letter.
It says that any extra payment, will start, from the 3rd month, of receiving my evidence.
I sent my  fitnotes in on 18th November, and 13th January, both for  2 months. 
My Universal Credit payments, are from January 26th to February 27th
And paid on the 3rd of March, so I wondered when, and If, my extra payment will start from.

Thanks In advance, for any advice 


  • janer1967janer1967 Community champion Posts: 7,305 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi there based in info you give 

    Feb 27th to march 26th will be first period your additional payment will be for so due to be paid 3rd April 

    That's us if you have been awarded Lcwra 

    Hope this helps 
  • em444em444 Member Posts: 9 Listener
    Apologies, I've got it a bit wrong  !
    My fitnotes start on 18th November, and 3 months, brings it to 10th February, as the end of the 12th week. So does that mean that between 11th and 27th of February, my extra payment will  start  ? 
    Sorry to be  so complicated, I have  anxiety, and struggling with working it out. I Don want to ask in my journal, as not very helpful 😕 
  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 434 Pioneering
    The extra money is paid for the fourth complete assessment period (AP) after you notify the health condition.
    You notified on 18th November which is in your 27th October to 26th November AP
    First complete AP is 27th November to 26th December
    Second complete AP is 27th December to 26th January
    Third complete AP is 27th January to 26th February
    Fourth complete AP is 27th February to 26th March payable on on 3rd April. This is the payment that will include the LCWRA element as advised by janer.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
  • em444em444 Member Posts: 9 Listener
    Thank you for all your help and advice.
    It does make more sense.
    I did actually notify them of a change in my circumstances, regarding my Anxiety and Depression, on September 22nd. But couldn't get a fit note, until  18th November. My gp was of ill long term, and couldn't get an appointment, as other gp was booked up.
    Does my notification on September 22nd, count as evidence. Or is it just from when I added my fit note, online.
    Thanks so much for your help, its greatly appreciated 
  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 434 Pioneering
    You are supposed to provide a Fit Note by the seventh day after reporting the health condition. You could always post a note saying that you reported your health condition on 22nd September and asking when they will pay the LCWRA element from. They may be less rigid given COVID circumstances.

    All of this assumes that the decision you have got is LCWRA, there is no extra money for LCW.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
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