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Phone assessment with no form returned - how do I supply evidence?

shandogthecat Member Posts: 11 Connected
Hello everyone!

Back in November I went through the process of applying for PIP, but due to my brain fuzzies and such, I didn’t even end up opening the envelope the form came in. (How ironic that due to my disability I couldn’t complete the disability form, eh?) I accepted this, and figured that I’d apply again later down the line when I had all my evidence together and someone to help me complete the form and everything. 

Cut to my absolute surprise when I got a text out of the blue saying I was to have a phone assessment mid February. I thought it was some kind of scam, but nope. It’s legit. I think that due to my ADHD I was considered as someone who would struggle with the application process, and as such was not penalised for no form being returned, especially during COVID. That, or I just got EXTREMELY lucky.

Between then and now I’ve been gathering my evidence but I’m not quite sure what to do with it. On my letter it says I should mention any evidence at the start of my phone appointment, but upon further reading of these forums everyone says to get the evidence in ASAP before the appointment so they can refer to it.

My appointment is the 23rd, I have no photocopier or printer with which to send copies of my evidence (like heck will I be sending the originals) and I’m a bit lost as to where to go now? I have a strong suspicion I will really struggle with the assessment alone, as I am very well spoken during the window with which I am to have my appointment, which I know will go against me especially with no evidence in front of them to look at.

My evidence is (from what I can tell) very strong, with lovely phrases such as “severe psychological distress,” so I’d be absolutely heartbroken for it not to be processed correctly.


  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,845 Connected
    This has been discussed elsewhere. Some cases are nlt being required to complete a PIP 2 as they’ve been identified using a set of vulnerability markers. If you can scan documents you can email them in should you wish to do so but it’s likely the HCP isn’t going to receive them before your assessment. You can read the lack of a requirement to complete a PIP 2 as a positive thing.
  • shandogthecat
    shandogthecat Member Posts: 11 Connected
    I will definitely take the fact I haven’t had to complete the longer one as a positive sign. I’ll make sure to have all my evidence at the ready if and when it becomes necessary, I guess!
  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Posts: 8,188

    Scope community team

    Welcome to the community @shandogthecat :) That sounds like a good plan to me!

    Best of luck with your assessment. Remember to ask them to repeat the questions if you need them to. Let us know how it goes!
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