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Anger management Counselling for an over 40s Aspie?

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Due to being very stressed out recently due to various aspects of my life going, to put it politely, Pear shaped, it's been suggested by my main carer that I look up some kind of treatment such as anger management Counselling etc.

However as previously mentioned on a topic in the Coffee Lounge, I've been down that road before and it made absolutely NO difference, on the contrary in some cases it made things worse.

I realise that in about 17 years since I spoke to a Counsellor alternate Thursdays up at St George's circa 2004 things might have changed for the better, but am I right? Or are there still problems getting support for older clients on the Spectrum?

It's also been suggested that I up my anti-bad mood medication, definitely not! I want to be able to control a PC without being Zombified!

Basically, without going down the stronger drugs route is there anything I can do? I don't want or need this constant feeling of being stressed out all the time and the lockdown and the fact I'm now Shielding isn't helping at all.



  • janer1967
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    I would suggest discussing with your gp they may be able to recommend some services to help 

    Are there any suggestions or guidance on any aspergers support groups? Or on the NHS website 

    I would have an open mind to counselling it will be different to what you had all that time since . In my opinion counselling will only work if you have a good connection with the counsellor 
  • venison
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    I have had counselling a number of times over the years, I found that it only worked when I opened up fully about my problems. As for meds it can sometimes help to agree to a small increase I know that has in the past worked for me.
    Hope you get the help you need.


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