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How are you all? - My update

Crumbled72Crumbled72 Member Posts: 42 Courageous
Hello all! 
I hope everyone is having a good day (oh well, as good as it can be during lockdown and this pandemic)

I’m spending the day as I have every day since this pandemic started..home, and bored.

I got my first vaccine appointment, and been waiting for a gallbladder removal surgery since September (been cancelled/re-scheduled once so far), and just woke up to see that another flare in my worse knee has happened during me sleeping..awesome (not).

Also, due to my health collapse in autumn 2019, the most stressful application and mandatory reconsideration process with PIP, changes 4* in 2 yrs to our income, and finally this pandemic has caused me unfortunately go under bankruptcy, which seems to be just another “meh” in my life. But weirdly enough, I don’t seem to do mentally any worse than before.

Or am I so deep in denial, that the thought of life being even crappier than it has so far, that it just seems “it is, what it is” 🤷🏻‍♀️

I feel there’s no support whatsoever, and yes I truly do understand what NHS is going through at the moment, but still.. I think it’s horrible that I have literally lost hope and that I’m ok with it.

My conditions are autoimmune and degenerative, there’s no cure so no-one really gives a flying flute.

 I asked for our bath over shower to be removed and walk-in shower to be installed, but council says they rather try to move me to a more adapted housing, but I don’t want to move. Neither does my me getting into shower is up to us struggling to pack everything and we have decorated our house with savings during the past couple of years, and now everything would be wasted cause it’s easier for council.. 


Ah well, another emotional vomit here then..sorry 😋
All you need is L❤️VE ..and oxygen 😝


  • SwatteamSwatteam Member Posts: 172 Courageous
    @Crumbled72 hi sorry your having a hard time but it maybe better for you moving now rather than later incase you become less mobile, then that means you have to add a stair lift etc but council have adapted properties and on the bright side make it a hoe where you wouldn't have move ever again  just a thought.
  • SwatteamSwatteam Member Posts: 172 Courageous
       Home    sorry predicted text
  • Crumbled72Crumbled72 Member Posts: 42 Courageous
    Heya Swatteam :)

    Yea I know that moving now would be beneficial, since could still decorate (before I get worse again), but I don’t know how to make my partner change his mind :/

    This was his home before I moved in, and we have done lots of wallpapering and painting, plus hid some of the electrical cords etc behind the wall etc.

    We would have to do it all again, and it’s a bit overwhelming since it has taken us 4yrs to make this flat such we enjoy living in..

    I’m not sure if he does really get it that one day I’m not able to move like this, and then we need to do it without me being able to help much.. such a bloody headache!
    All you need is L❤️VE ..and oxygen 😝
  • SwatteamSwatteam Member Posts: 172 Courageous
    Men don't get it but saying its a flat you can put a shower cubicle in and  take the bath out. The council should not oppose it or get your doctor to send an occupational therapist out to asses your needs if they say a shower is needed they can get the council to do it
  • Crumbled72Crumbled72 Member Posts: 42 Courageous
    Yes I have been given high priority from my assessment with Occupational Therapist, just need to wait until their suspended services due pandemic have been returned more back to normal. 

    Council and our housing officer said that they rather re-house us than start changing our bathroom 😑 

    So I’m right in the middle ..pfft!
    All you need is L❤️VE ..and oxygen 😝
  • SwatteamSwatteam Member Posts: 172 Courageous
    @Crumbled72 If your happy where you are stay there and the council it doesn't have to be a full bathroom  just a cubicle as you already have a shower thats refusing you. Most flats have showers in these days council's are lazy looking for the easier option
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