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Disabled Actors Needed!

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Validation (A Rap Musical) 
by David Thorpe

Includes minimal rehearsals and ONE Zoom Table Read that will be Ticketed. All actors will have their script open on their desktop for the reading.

When attending the Edinburgh festival, journalist Owen, who has cerebral palsy, is doubly amazed when for the first time in his life he sees an actor on stage explaining what it is like to have his condition, and then meets a woman, Faith, a theatre ticket seller, with a similar condition. The feeling that his life is changing is compounded when an American theatre producer tells him that he must write about this. He begins to write a musical, collaborating with Faith, but her own ulterior ambitions and ideas for the plot, which involve killing off Owen's wife, Angharad who has terminal cancer, so she can move in with Owen and direct the finished play, only gradually appear. At the last minute, Owen has to feverishly rewrite the ending of the play to keep Angharad alive before the deadline expires and the play is sent to the producer.
Table Read Date: TBD
Based off talent's availability (hoping for sometime in March)

Owen, 41, journalist, with mild cerebral palsy.
Faith, 37, theatre ticket seller, with Wilson's Disease and a slight speech impediment.
*For this story to be told in the most respectful and truthful way, we will only be considering actors who are disabled. This musical does include many rap songs, so preferably the performers would feel comfortable speaking to a set rhythm. This is a Table Read, so there will not be as much stress on the musical aspect of the text compared to a staged reading or digital production. 

  • There will be minimal rehearsal. Based on the talent's availability, we will determine whether select songs can be rapped with a track or will just be rapped acapella (similar to spoken word). 
  • This musical drama containing 12 rap songs is both a serious appeal for the proper representation of disabled people and the validation of their experiences and a light satirical swipe at the commercial theatre world.
  • PROFIT SHARE MODEL: around seven people (all actors, writer(s) and mentor for the project) will split 50% of the ticket sales after taxes. Realistically, each performer could make anywhere from 10p - £20 (perhaps more if we sell more tickets). After the live reading, the video will be streamable for one week via a private link for anyone who purchased a ticket and was unable to view the Zoom performance live.
  • Tickets are sold using a pay-what-you-can scale ranging between £1- £5. 
If interested, please email Jessi Elgood at [email protected] with your Acting CV attached. If you happen to have a showreel or footage of yourself rapping and/or acting, please include A LINK. Sending a link to your Spotlight is perfectly acceptable as well.
Specialist Information Officer and Cerebral Palsy Programme Lead

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