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Coming to terms with brain injury

Taniat73 Member Posts: 8 Listener
Hello , I hope this finds you well . I had an accident last May , I was told I have a subdural haematoma but , I don’t feel like I’m getting better. I’ve had terrible balance, my memory lets me down, I forget loads of things, even what I’m saying , I am terrified to go out, I have ptsd about my stairs, my temper, well I get so frustrated I literally scream.  I feel like I’m going mad .   Can anyone understand me ? 


  • woodbine
    woodbine Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,720 Disability Gamechanger
    Have you spoke to your GP about getting some help, I found counselling to be helpful.
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  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 16,338 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome sorry to hear about your accident and how it is affecting you 

    As above speak to your gp or specialist to see if they can point you to any support 
  • Taniat73
    Taniat73 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hello , thank you for your reply. My Dr basically called me a drug addict so we parted ways. I’m paranoid and don’t want my new Dr to think I’m a nuisance.    I’m a trained counsellor who cannot now ethically operate , I haven’t been offered any help , my fault probably. I’m struggling to cope as new me. I feel useless and I’m scared too .   I’m scared to say my feelings too because people might think I’m mad .  Thank you for listening . Tania. Xx
  • Cher_Inactive
    Cher_Inactive Posts: 4,400 Scope online community team
    Hi @tania73

    To further echo other comments, please do speak with your new GP.  They are there to support you and won't think you're a nuisance at all.  You have experienced a life-changing event and are understandably going through a period of transition and mixed emotions as you adjust.  Don't listen to that critical voice that says you are useless, you are anything but, and talking therapy would be a great outlet to help you move forward.  Stepping back, I know I too at times have thought 'if people only knew what I was thinking, they'd be shocked/horrified' and the funny thing is, when I've verbalised it, they never have thought that.  Don't let the fear of what if, stop you accessing what you need.

    Please keep us updated and just to inform you, I've moved this post over to our neurological conditions category to allow others with similar stories to see it.  Take care and speak soon.
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  • Taniat73
    Taniat73 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Thank you. For all your kind words . I’m talking to Mr Neurologist on Tuesday .   I’ll speak with my Drs surgery on Monday .  I’m ok . I’m not alone , and I’m not thinking of anything silly . I’m lucky to be alive , I want to grab the world with both hands and live it . Thank you ? 
  • Wini1960
    Wini1960 Member Posts: 130 Pioneering
    Hi Taniat73 babygirl you have been through so much. My husband is a trained counsellor but who counsels the counsellor? It's terrible not to be heard i hope and pray you will get the help you need?
  • Taniat73
    Taniat73 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Wini1960. Thank you .   I’m terrible in counselling , I know the script so to speak so I preempt it . Does me no good whatsoever!?! I’m a pain in my own backside at times.   
  • Wini1960
    Wini1960 Member Posts: 130 Pioneering
    Taniat73 aren't we all from time to time. I have mobility and mental health issues and sometimes i drive my husband round the bend but he just knows what to do when I'm not in a good place. There is nothing better when you have been heard and that does not necessarily mean a counsellor. I wish you the best going forward.


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