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I honestly thought id win my tribunal. And several Q.s

boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
edited November 2021 in Benefits and financial support
Pip tribunal loss. (Latest i can ask for utt after requesting appeal refusal)?
Reappplied got low rate both 1 point off high rate mobility. 

I also have another tribunal to goto UC dating back to jan 2018. Coming up shortly.

From what i can see theres inconsistency 
1.Distances traveled walking.
2.Ability to repeadedly do these things above.
3.And apparently i was not in a flare up or had any by the looks
4.inconsistancy with medication requirments by myself and requested.
Level of pain & meds required or type.
I said i was keen to get some vallium because i could not sleep well at all 7am still crawling the walls with dicomfort and pain from very limited activity.
Lack of sleep due to pain manefesting flare ups as well as after previous injurys & distress.

5.The suggestion that my injurys healed, this incorrect as symptoms have been progressing.

My ability to move around regularly , & at all at times due to mechanical/painful symptoms ,
Ortha Doctors reports innacurate.
Hcp report being full of ****. 
Tribunals Q & A missleading. 

Probably missed something....

Q. Can i appeal tribunals utt refusal time deadline.
Q.how does one prove flare ups.
Q.how do you get a tribunal to realise they grabbed the wrong end of the stick..


  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Btw i dont think street vallium of 50/60mg per night alongside several beers and spliffs.
    I think in theyre mind id be taking normal dosage of doctor prescribed medication.
    Thats inconsistant and has led them to beleive otherwise
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Is one able to contact the judge directly? Or open up dialogue? How can i possibly argue when they dont want to know.....

  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Have they come to a position of really needing to get tbeyre number lower.

  • calcotti
    calcotti Member Posts: 6,309 Disability Gamechanger
    Re ‘flare ups’ remember that decisions are based on how you are the majority of the time, not on how you are at your worst,
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Have they come to a position of really needing to get tbeyre number lower.

    Over 70% is really quite a high number.
    Id be very supprised due to claimant error tribunals which have ended up losses which should have been wins being tossed in favour of dwp due to pure evil underhand tactics theyre using, 
    Painting false picture of claimants clearly entitled to support.
    Im no longer able to work..
    The dwp is a shambles.
    Sorry i can feel the anger building the more i look into it. 
    Please come back with something i can use to defend myself 
    I think im capable of getting this right 
    I have to for my own sanity.
    Its so degrading.

  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    calcotti said:
    Re ‘flare ups’ remember that decisions are based on how you are the majority of the time, not on how you are at your worst,
    For me it comes and goes every few days generally comes when something happens knees gives or i do too much and aggravates.

  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Well in reply to @mikehughescq.

    There were a few notes relating to hcp report being innacurate in submission.
    Also i didnt argue anything at the tribunal either. 
    Just answered there questions probably should have asked the panel a question or two, my mind doesnt work that fast.

    Had i of thought outside the box for each question they asked i would had more than one answer yet i failed to give more detail, just the side that would probably decline an award.
    I also felt pushed into saying i could in fact make a pan of veg regardless of how much it aggravates my condition, or the risks it posed.
    Also they didnt give me the chance really as they were onto the next question.
    Im really going to take my time with whatever comes up with the upcoming uc tribunal.
    Not everyone has the ability to think on theyre feet also i feel medication make me quite introvert.

    I had the telephone tribunal uc in january 2021 ajourned due to judge wanting to see most recent pip report. They already had the previous pip report of lies and tribunal loss. I summise they will question that against the non tribunal award of 0 points to current pip award of low rate.

    It did sound like the dwp person at the hearing was trying to actually give an award from his opening statement as they read the current pip awarded report out to the panel also suggesting i could not use a wheel chair either but sounding like he was trying to award something from 3 months before the pip award not from the start of my sicknotes, again im not sure though.

    Contacting the judge was simply to explain what i failed too at the ftt. 

    Were talking about nearly 2 years of out pip.. because of a terrible hcp assessment. Im reeling id like to make complaint about the hcp.

  • woodbine
    woodbine Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,720 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm not sure complaining about the HCP at this point is going to get you very far
    Be extra nice to new members.
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 16,354 Disability Gamechanger

    Complaining about the hcp wont get you an award and from what I read it doesnt really get you anywhere as when they look into it the assessor can never remember the individual assessment 
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Do you think its because theyre simply overloaded, strange i recall i couldnt find a seat in the waiting room.
    So went to wait in my car...

    Even stranger that the report stated that i heard my name called in the waiting room 

  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    The pip 0 point  report also stated i was well kemp.
    I recall the clothing i had on had holes all over them armpits & rips in my shorts
    But i was well dressed apparently. 
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener

    How to bring a complaint to the Independent Case Examiner??

    An option ?
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    For the uc tribunal
    5k words sub
    Fingers crossed
    they got it last september.
    I wrote it lol
    Now im worried.
    I tried to explain things hopefully better.
    dont have a date yet i think its probably gonna be soon.
    Ive used much of the information ive read here and read quite a few tribunal reports. Using keywords from my issues and like " vrs secretary of state case numbers lcw pip dla esa 
    Found some usefull information" 
    I guess im just worrying...about nothing and something thats out of my control unless im on the ball on the day...
  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    edited March 2021
    Writing the truth instead of fabricating what actually is.
    Its 4500 word and most of it is directed at pages from the report which i also typed exaxtly what the assessor wrote. And directly replied to
    <moderator removed - personal attacks not permitted on community.  Please keep conversation on topic>

  • Cher_Inactive
    Cher_Inactive Posts: 4,400 Scope online community team
    edited March 2021
    @boristheblonde I've edited your last posts to remove personal comments aimed at another member.  Please remember to keep conversation about the topic and not the person.  Good luck with your tribunal and to access representation as advised, I'd recommend visiting Advice Local (entering your postcode and selecting 'Welfare Benefits' from the drop down list) to find free independent organisations close to where you live.  
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  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Ok so had my telephone tribunal 2 days ago.
    over 1.5 hours it lasted.
    result in today 

    won lcw from zero points to 15 across two descriptors so no extra money 
    with support I would have thought I’d get a few more points and would have gotten lcwra which indeed would have been a great help.
    none the less I feel happy that I’m no longer being pressured to get work until I can get my health in a better condition and hopefully return to work in the future.
    Almost 4 years I’ve been living off nothing sold all my work tools etc possession etc.
    but mentally I feel in a better place.
    thanks to all on here

    3 cheers for scope and helpful users 

    hip hip

  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    Actually paragraph 4 schedule 9 applied.
    remmitted to dwp for decision??
  • Caz_Alumni
    Caz_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 621 Pioneering
    Hi @boristheblonde

    Just getting in touch to acknowledge your post and see how you're getting on?

    Firstly, 'Hip Hip...Hooray!' ;) Thought I would get that in to start off with, thank you!

    Also, it sounds like you're quite pleased with the outcome of your tribunal? Is that right? Though I've spotted that you've also said that your claim has now been remitted back to DWP for a decision?

    Just to check then, were you looking to get any further guidance in respect of that? And is there anything else that you would like to ask our community members? If so, do you want to drop us another line and let us know how we can help? :)

    Online Community Coordinator (she/her)

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  • boristheblonde
    boristheblonde Posts: 65 Listener
    yes I'm pleased that its over but I feel somethings not quite right the more I analyse it.
    so maybe its just beginning......

    but the tribunal noted in theyre decision notice:(skipping my details dates etc):
    3. Mr boris has limited capability of work
    4.scored 15 points from schedule 6 (9 points mobilising  6 points reaching
    5.no schedule 7 descriptor applied.par 4 sched 9 did not apply
    6 reason conditions of described bundle mr boris is significantly limited in particular the above descriptors.
    7. blah blah
    8remitted to soc to make final decision
    9no reccommendation when to reassess

    i think that means lcw awrded?


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