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So Sorry

Morning Woodbine,
I want to apologise for my message the other day.
I'm seriously mentally ill ,& have suffered very serious psyhical & mental health illnesses.
I use to be bubbly & outgoing not any more.
When I commented I was telling the truth on my daughters life I swear!
I was a week early going for my face to face assessment & was absolutely dreading it.
Coz of friends telling me that the assessors wrote a pack of lies about them.
Every single 1 of my abusers who were all men seriously hurt me & i could never have known just how much I've changed & how seriously affected by all my horrific abuse.
The only way I know to cope is taking each day as it comes & having really good cry ??.
My hands shake so much I make a cup of tea & take my Oramorph i spill more than I drink of my  tea.
I'm on a very very long waiting list for Deep Trauma Therapy.
I really need to talk to other victims of psyhical & sexual abuse who understand exactly what im going through.
This site is amazing I never knew it existed till 4 days ago & thank the lord I found it.
Have a lovely day Woodbine.



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