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Which sport do you enjoy

Welshjayne2021Welshjayne2021 Member Posts: 85 Courageous
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Just watched France v Scotland in the last game of the six nations. Scotland beat France meaning that Wales won the competition on points.  What sports do you enjoy watching. And if you were able, what sport would you play.
I would love to play tennis.


  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,201 Disability Gamechanger
    I only really watch f1
    Wasnt really into sports as such but used to dance Tao,  Baker and modern 

    Would like to do ballroom dancing like salsa and stuff if only I could 
  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,522 Disability Gamechanger
    The only sport I enjoy watching is tennis, I've never been a sporty person, I do follow a football team but have only ever been to watch them once in the 50 odd years I've supported them.
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  • Sandy_123Sandy_123 Member Posts: 1,541 Pioneering
    I tend to like horse jumping, I'm not a horsy person, but I do like to watch it, only follow foot ball in world cup. Will watch some athletics occasionally.
  • QuintyQuinty Member Posts: 47 Courageous
    I took up tennis again last year! I now belong to my local Tennis Club and we start playing again on April 13th! Im 57 and suffer terrible anxiety as bipolar. It was very hard at first, but love it! I bought a new Babolat racket and have made some great friends. Im back to unfit due to lockdown, but Ill get their again! Its best to try abd practice everyday if you can. Its made a huge difference to me mentally, please look up the LTA online and read some great stories. They make tennis available to everyone! It isnt expensive either. We all feel unfit in this dreadful lockdown but the groups I joined ease you into tennis and progress from there. I got a trainer at first which really helped me and boosted my confidence. We are all ages, the coaches are great, and we have leagues. Its a wonderful sport.
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 5,039

    Scope community team

    Good topic @Welshjayne2021 :) What's stopping you from giving tennis a go?

    Thanks for sharing your experience of playing tennis @Quinty! It sounds as though it's had a really positive impact on your life. 

    I played Ultimate Frisbee for around 8 years throughout my time at school and university and really enjoyed it. It's a bit niche, but here are some highlight clips if anyone is interested in knowing what it's about!
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  • QuintyQuinty Member Posts: 47 Courageous
    Oh wow! Well done!!!!
  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 3,705 Disability Gamechanger
    I used to play rugby for my school and football was a close second. I also like tennis as a spectator but I dislike cricket and golf entirely. I find the latter two very boring to watch.
  • QuintyQuinty Member Posts: 47 Courageous
    LEECAL...Golf and  football are extremley borring along with snooker! I like to see cricketers kn the villiage green a lovely site   but its slow, I know what you mean. 
  • 66Mustang66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,100 Disability Gamechanger
    I like watching golf, cricket and snooker as I find them all relaxing.

    I also like watching some car racing but not keen on big series like F1 as I find them too political if that makes sense.

    I watch football when there is a World Cup and also horse racing when we have a bet on once a year for the Grand National. :)

  • QuintyQuinty Member Posts: 47 Courageous
    Its just Tennis for me. Love Wimbledon the highlight of the Summer! Bring it on!!!!!
  • Welshjayne2021Welshjayne2021 Member Posts: 85 Courageous
    Thanks @Quinty for your post. I am really glad you enjoy tennis.  I would love to try, but I don’t have the balance or the coordination.  So I will just watch the geniuses of, Novak, Rafa, Andy, Roger and I have soft spot for Milos Roanic.  Don’t why, but not fond of ladies tennis. Probably because I don’t like the younger of the Williams sisters, (can’t remember her name).  I do hope that we will be able to see Wimbledon this year. I appreciate that it will be difficult, but I hope it can be sorted.🤞🤞🤞🤞
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 5,039

    Scope community team

    edited March 27
    Hi @Quinty. I've removed the picture from your signature as this meant the picture was appearing on every comment you made, which clogs up the comments a bit. Please do feel free to attach images to comments where relevant :) 

    Who's your favourite tennis player? 

    It's Serena Williams who's the younger Williams sister @Welshjayne2021 :) 
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  • Welshjayne2021Welshjayne2021 Member Posts: 85 Courageous
    Thank you @Tori_Scope.  I try very had to forget her. I don’t mind Venus though!
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