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No diagnoses, fobbed of by doctors

Hi all.

I'm just going to jump straight in. Nearly 16 years ago i had an accident whilst trampolining at school. I landed a move badly which resulted in a temporary paralysis (literally only 10-15 mins until I could move) and I have had severe back pain ever since in L1,L2,L3 area and L5,S1,S2area. 

A few months after my accident, when I was 15, I was still complaining of back pain so was referred to a "specialist" who just poked my back and told me to do physio. No test, scans or xrays were ever offered.

8 years after this I was so fed up of continually going back and forth to the docs and having pain meds thrown at me I lost my cool at the doctor and eventually they agreed to do an xray. Aparantly xray showed no abnormality so I was told to go for more physio, despite having rounds of physio constantly for the last 8 years, which does nothing.

Fast forward to 2021, countless visits to docs, thousands of pain meds taken, private osteopath visits, I broke down and threatened to kill myself  because if been in pain for 15 years and I can't do it any more. If i go another 15 years I'm still only gonna be 45. The doctor agreed to an MRI and after 3 weeks waiting for results, yesterday I was told he was happy with the report and no further investigation will be given. 

I was shocked and requested a copy of the report and I dont understand how he thinks there is nothing left to investigate. The report stated:

1) An incidental note is made of heamangiomata in the L1 to L3 vertebral bodies. 

2) minor disk degeneration at L5/S1

3) minor facet joint degeneration

4) posterior disk protrusion with annular tear, but it is not compressing the nerve root.

I mean, come on!! 

Does anyone know what this means because you can't go by what you find on Google and I don't know what to do anymore. I'm so tired of being in pain and I'd much rather just end it all, once my son has grown up and no longer needs me, than continue on like this.



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