Waiting for ESA assessment for 18 months but now have enough evidence

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I have chronic anxiety, OCD and social phobia

I reached the 365 day mark with no assessment at the end of last year. I was told there wasn't enough evidence and that i couldn't have a phone assessment due to the effect it would have on my health and i would have to wait for a face to face assessment.

A few weeks ago I had my PIP award which was done via a paper assessment. I was awarded enhanced daily living and standard mobility. I email the esa assessment Centre and asked if that was relevant. They said they are different benefits but i could send any evidence and it would be looked at. I also asked if i could send an updated questionnaire as it had been so long since my original was sent and i was worse and i was told i could. I sent the updated questionnaire and my PIP letter and the next day the assessment Centre said a health care professional has looked at my file again and has enough evidence to pass on their report to DWP and i will hear off DWP of their decision.

I have seen conflicting information online but is it true that if the first assessment for a new claim is done via paper then only support group can be recommended? 

Since it has been sent to the DWP i have received my healthcare report for PIP which goes into more detail. Do i need to send it to DWP or will they look at it anyway?

The descriptors for support group are confusing to me and i'm wondering if someone could say whether the following would qualify me for the support group:

I cannot undertake any journey as it would cause overwhelming psychological distress.

I never leave the house alone and when i do it is only to go to my mums house or with someone to walk the dog. Apart from that i cannot
go anywhere else due to the psychological distress it would cause.(My concern with this sentence which is from my PIP report and also on my questionnaire is would this qualify for the descriptors for support group as i can go outside in those very limited occasions? also on my PIP report it says i can only go out at night when doing those two things but i forgot about putting that on my ESA questionnaire.)

I need help daily with tasks like making food as I wouldn't do it myself.

Due to my OCD if that routine where i feel the need to do certain things is broken it causes psychological distress. 

Any advice would be helpful.


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    Hi there 

    Pip and was are different benefits with different criteria but it does no harm sending the report off . I wouldn't send the detailed one now if they have passed it on with the evidence you have 

    F2f assessments are starting back up end april for those in your situation who are waiting but as you have now had paper based it wont apply 

    You can request copy of the assessment report which will show recommendations but it isnt the decision 

    Fingers crossed you are not waiting long now