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What will you be doing for Easter?

Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 5,039

Scope community team

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I know we're not back to normal yet, but does anyone have any nice plans for the Easter weekend? What food will you be having? Do you have any Easter traditions?

Whatever you get up to, the community team all hope you have a restful weekend :) 

colourful Easter Eggs in a nest on the grass
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  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,205 Disability Gamechanger
    Would normally join family at Clumber Park for Easter egg hunt , followed by meal out somewhere. 

    But wont be doing that still isolating till Monday so wont be doing much . Apart from a visit to the kitchen,  bathroom,  bedroom might even spoil myself and go to the garden 
  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,534 Disability Gamechanger
    We've splashed out on a leg of Lamb for Sunday, cost a small fortune, spent half of today removing an overgrown ivy from the garden, other than that nothing really, when I was working I hated bank holidays I still don't like them now, but shops reopen a week on Monday, good excuse to stop spending money we don't have on Amazon.

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  • Caz_AlumniCaz_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 626 Pioneering
    Hope the weather is nice enough for you to spoil yourself with a trip out into the garden this Easter weekend @janer1967!

    And that leg of lamb sounds very tempting @woodbine. Bet you're looking forward to that - with a nice bit of mint sauce, maybe? 

    If the weather does happen to stay fine this weekend, I think we'll be participating in that good old British tradition of mowing the lawn. That's if it doesn't snow :D 

    What's everybody else up to for Easter?
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  • Ross_ScopeRoss_Scope Posts: 4,213

    Scope community team

    Tomorrow it'll be sausage sandwiches for brunch, and then yummy cheese burgers for tea :) Of course with a lovely egg thrown in for good measure. A nice relaxing Sunday
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  • DragonslayerDragonslayer Community Co-Production Group Posts: 1,145 Pioneering
    I'm not bothered about the weather this Easter weekend because we are staying in this year and having a lovely quiet time at home. Nothing taxing to do, just laying around, watching tv,  eating good food, having a drink, maybe two, one evening and just lazing around,  ----- Ahh! Heaven. 
  • Caz_AlumniCaz_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 626 Pioneering
    @Dragonslayer - couldn't agree with you more :)

    I think home is often the very best place to be on a bank holiday weekend!

    I don't think that I would fancy venturing out too far over the next couple of days anyway, just in case of crowds!
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  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 3,711 Disability Gamechanger
    edited April 3
    In past years we have ventured out at Easter 🐣 braving the weather whatever it may be, sun, hail, snow or gales. Possibly visiting a garden centre to buy some spring plants or summer seeds or alternatively having a pot of tea for two at a favourite watering hole or both.

    But this year we are staying in for numerous reasons and we have everything we need right at home, hot water bottles, Brandy, chocolate biscuits and coffee, what could possibly be better apart from perhaps watching an old film on tv like ‘Brigadoon’.
  • lisathomas50lisathomas50 Posts: 4,363 Disability Gamechanger
    Me and mum went to portcawl today there was a few people about but we kept away from them and walked down to the treco Bay end it was quite down that end  we had a Greg's  before we walked  had a macdonalds  on way back both had a nice shower watching tv eating cakes lol 😆 x
  • Caz_AlumniCaz_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 626 Pioneering
    That sounds lovely @lisathomas50 - I don't think I've ever been round those parts. 

    If the weather stays nice, I reckon we might have a drive with the family tomorrow - somewhere out in the country.

    Plus of course, there's lots of chocolate-eating to be getting on with ;)
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  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,644 Disability Gamechanger
    edited April 4
    Onto our third day of sunshine. So far I have spent a good half day on Good Friday clearing weeds and rubbish from the pavement side of the long wall at the side of our house. Not been done in 15 years so I’m well pleased with that. Had my iPad out with me so I could listen to the Notts County v Wrexham ADC whilst I worked and then after a cold shower I sat out on the patio and got near to finishing Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener. Inevitably even fully covered I got sunstroke. The joys of albinism. Watched a family film in the evening. The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things. The Saturday I then got various cat repellants down in the back garden and spent some time with a patio knife removing weeds. Finished the book and listened to about 5 hours of reggae whilst experimenting with DAC settings. In the evening we all watched Minari. Both days involved an hour of walking before any of that which for me means around 4.1 to 4.7 miles.

    No plans for today beyond the Sunday papers; a family walk; a lamb lunch with roast veg and some gluten and dairy free chocolate. Oh, and ordering my next book and watching another film and sitting out in the sun etc. Tonight ice, sleet and possibly snow.
  • Caz_AlumniCaz_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 626 Pioneering
    I tip my hat to you, @mikehughescq - that's a very productive long weekend already! 

    Sounds like the weather has been good to you as well! Though I'm not much liking your forecast for tomorrow, albeit it is pretty typical for a bank holiday. 

    Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend.
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