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Finding a distraction to keep going!

RichardLel Community member Posts: 48 Courageous
edited April 2021 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hi All. :-)
I need a prompt, a nudge, to keep me focused keeping active while going through hard time.

I love inventing and building electronic gadgets for friends, not short of ideas on hobby website like instructables for a example!
i doing allot of gardening last week as the garden for years always been a mess, even legs got there issues with CP and can see sunflowers starting to grow and lawn where there was rubbish looks great. I should be proud for allot of things in my life, that when i broke down in hospital I discovered my Asperger's, but went on to help other family did not even know had the same condition, so saved the home. I been very busy caring for family, but really struggling with my mobility adn adult services given me some rest bite care alone away, which is helpful!

I need encouragement to play the bass guitar as friend said to me if I learn to play it, I can keep it.  

my issue is that i am very late diagnosis of Asperger's and CP, that put up with allot of misdiagnoses over the years. i suffered allot secondary problems because of the isolation it caused being out of sync, with CPTSD and functional disorder on top of it. That last year was upsetting because i had face consultants over my Autism and CP, which they just want to avoid me for the mistakes and micromanage the secondary problems which just said no!

i had to reflect Autism passport my  of CP & Aspergers of the misdiagnosis, but also the secondary problems  from being in isolated from right care. That made it clear, if the consultant don't like it then its the consultant problem the mistakes, not mine, but not losing much as end up A&E for most help anyway which puts pressure back on them"

Need some encouragement not think of the politics, focus on my hobbies, while going through this as cant meet the needs of the institution .


  • Caz_Alumni
    Caz_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 621 Pioneering
    Hi @RichardLel

    Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear that you're going through a hard time. How are you doing today?

    I'm guessing that a lot of what you say about the 'politics' of your experiences will resonate with quite a few of our community members, including me! But I must say that what you're doing in terms of your hobbies, and keeping busy  is really impressive. A huge well done there and yes, you definitely should be very proud of yourself! Though I know it's easy for me to say but sometimes difficult to feel for us to actually feel that way :)

    I'm curious - what types of gadgets have you invented and built? Plus, have you managed to learn to play anything on the bass yet? I have a classical guitar gathering dust in the attic - still wanting to learn to play that sometime!

    Lovely to hear that you've got some sunflowers on the way as well. Are you planning on planting any more flowers in the garden? We're just coming up to the right time of year to be spending some more time outside (fingers crossed for some good weather!), so that's something to look forward to as well :)
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  • RichardLel
    RichardLel Community member Posts: 48 Courageous
    Hi Caz, I  purchased from eBay a pressure releave mattress that did not work for virtually nothing and it was local collection even better. I took out all the complicated electronics and just runs off a single air pump and is brilliant for my leg spasms. No way I could afford to buy something new or even second hand!

    It makes me laugh thinking about it, a friend gave me her old Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner for free and she spent allot money on a Shark vacuum cleaner to replace it, as soon she used her new vacuum cleaner it blocked up. I found a new motor for the dye on, for £16, so now I have got a retro dyson for my home, I feel slightly guilty for getting a better vacuum cleaner out of it. 

    I get sometimes interest to repair music keyboards synthesisers and get asked build modular synthesisers, which just control with dials, than using music keys as a hobby and that how I got dared into learning base Guitar and I am slowly starting! Lol?

    The front garden was a waste land for sometime, i reseed the front lawn and all coming up nicely as everything I have do absolute cheap on limited income. I only got a couple sunflowers given,  but seen on Amazon a multiple pack of sunflower seeds, differant types on Amazon going order today for rest of the pots for the front. I been working on back garden in building a summer house, I been doing allot skip diving as know couple of friends who are builders in help me find the materials to help build it.?

    I be ok, i seam to got some where with the problem. I understand we all have to go through this as well as neither easy getting the right help with disability. What really odd today talking to my temp carecoordinator as he was my former boss when I worked as a carer 6 years ago when I colapsed at work. He really funny guy to work with and understood what I had to do to stand up for myself! Same time got a missed phone call from adult services duty OT, they read my autism passport and going give me emergency help. (I hard call it autism passport as my CP fighting for first place with rest of my problems.) ?I think content what was diclosure to adult services, pushed at my care team. 



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