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Writing My Story by Daniel Kay

Richard_Scope Posts: 3,112

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Writing my own story means

I can fill it with the memories I want.

I can tell you how colourful the view
Is from my side of the coin.
It has a little to do with luck. 

And everything to do with a mindset
that lets me see the world for the
constant fireworks show that this life gives.

It doesn’t ask for anything in return,
and I get to listen to this concert
from the best seat in town.

I’ll write and write and know that
this scribble is more than pen to paper.
It’s more than a singular flurry of emotion
used for my own self-gratification.

Words connect us in ways we’re too shy
to admit. Plums plucked from a tree if
you allow yourself to taste the sweetness.

My CP has given me friends who tilted my
lens, allowing me to take in the sky and grass
as more than a hug between soil and rain.

We are, after all, made to experience and thrive,
in a community that will dance
when it pours outside,

One that will excitedly wake up for the
morning sun to tell us we’ll always be warm.
Specialist Information Officer and Cerebral Palsy Programme Lead

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