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Would removing my son from school affect his chances of being put in a special needs school?

Harrington821 Member Posts: 5 Listener
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Can anybody help me... this is a long story but I’ll will cut it down.  I have a son who has an EHCP since sending off the paperwork it’s been 5 years and we are still waiting to be placed in a . Special needs school. There has been many failings by the education authority particularly the co-ordinator. And each panel meeting comes and my son misses out. It’s been very frustrating because they are now saying it will probably be at secondary age now which is another two years away. So he remains in his mainstream setting but kids have been cruel and there has been many occasions kids have said things or done things and the school have brushed it under the carpet which really upset me. My question is does anybody know if I was to take my son out of school would this effect his chances of being placed in a special needs school? He needs the placement but I’m desperate to keep him safe from these mean other kids. Thank you 


  • woodbine
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    @Harrington821 good evening and welcome to scope, yes kids can be cruel can't they, but that doesn't help your son, you say the school have brushed it under the carpet, have you contacted the governors with your concerns? They maybe able to help.
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  • Harrington821
    Harrington821 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thank you for replying, I contacted them once before regarding my sons work and I didn’t think they was doing enough in line with his plan. But suddenly the head took offence to this and became formal suddenly in any emails or letters sent home and was offish with me making approaching the school difficult. But whatever seems to happen to my son, the child responsible is spoken to and that’s it but my daughter in the same class gets so upset over it all but the last straw was Friday when the teacher told my daughter not to go home and tell me because we don’t want her to worry. 
  • Harrington821
    Harrington821 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Its a very small school, some of the governors are parents, and parents of the children work within the school too. 
  • Tori_Scope
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    Scope community team

    Hello and welcome to the community @Harrington821 :) 

    I'm not 100% sure whether removing your child from mainstream school could affect their chances of getting a place in a special educational needs school. Whilst we see if we can get an answer for you, perhaps you could contact IPSEA or your local SENDIASS (Google your location and SENDIASS to find their contact details, e.g. Leeds SENDIASS) to see if they have any advice for you?

    If you were to take him out of school, would you be homeschooling him? 
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  • Harrington821
    Harrington821 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Yes I would homeschool him, iv been waiting for about 5 years for a school place for him. I just find it all very sad that my son has significant speech, language and understanding delay and a small minority of children are mentally bullying him and my son just thinks they are his friends and playing with him but they arnt they are just being cruel and my daughter and some others see and hear these things and they tell the teacher and they deal with it very lightly and my daughter tells me but otherwise I wouldn’t find out. Just doesn’t seem right especially when he begs me not to send him. 
  • Harrington821
    Harrington821 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thank you I was planning to call them Monday but saw this page and thought I’d give it go. 


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