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continued skin infection

Unfortunately continued horrid experience with dermatologist. Was dismissed and told to leave. Complained and just incredibly shaken up by the experience.

I have no idea what this thing is. What I do know is for some reason, depending on the batch it seems to partially respond to arnica cooling gel. It's always been my suspicion that it is not too difficult to treat, but it doesn't treat itself and it's been flipping alarming I tell you that much.

I finally managed to get through to Bargainshop_London. I don't know why they've decoded to respond now, but they said they couldn't tell me where they sourced their vaseline. I jut want to get to the bottom of this horrid thing.

As much as I want to blame health professionals just as much as the people who sold me this, I just want my life back. That starts with treatment now. There must be an intelligent human being on earth who can problem solve this! There has to be!


  • harry01
    harry01 Member Posts: 185 Courageous
    I'll never trust any company, or put any amount of confidence in any doctor again. How can I?
  • Caz_Alumni
    Caz_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 624 Pioneering
    Just spotted your post and thought that I would stop by to see how you're doing @harry01?

    First of all, I'm really sorry to hear about your experiences. And my apologies, but I think that I might have come in halfway through the conversation. Is this because of a bad skin reaction that you had to a particular jar of Vaseline that you'd been using? Have I got that right?

    If so, I'm really sorry that you're in this position. And it sounds as though you haven't had much more input from the dermatologist? Have you spoken to anybody else about this? Could you perhaps go back to your GP if this is this causing you so much discomfort?

    Unfortunately though, there's not much that we might be able to suggest by way of proper diagnosis and treatment, as none of us on the community are medically trained professionals. But, as you say, somebody here might be able to 'problem solve' and offer some advice if they've ever found themselves in a similar situation? Though it sounds like the arnica gel is working quite well for you at the moment?

    Also, in terms of getting some satisfaction, have you thought about raising a consumer complaint? If you think this is an adverse reaction to a particular product, then you could think about getting in touch with Trading Standards. Citizens' Advice might be able to offer you some more specific advice about that if you contact their consumer helpline.

    Hope that's helpful to you harry01. Please do let us know how you get on with things. :)
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  • harry01
    harry01 Member Posts: 185 Courageous
    It's not a reaction. A contact dermatitis would resolve after I stopped using the product. I know as I have had a contact dermatitis from a skin product before. It settles after a few days of no exposure. 

    I reported it to the consumer line of citizens advice. My care coordinator wrote to Amazon too.

    I will wait until they actually provide some answers as I continue to do everything I can to get this horrid stuff off. I can't believe this stuff has been on my skin since 2015. Has to be the weirdest skin condition I've ever seen. 
  • harry01
    harry01 Member Posts: 185 Courageous
    Yellow too. Even yellowy green like a slime. That's flipping weird. 


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