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I watching the TV today and the Government announced.
" Everyone single person Vunerable has been vaccinated"

I smiled laughed a funny moment and said to the TV ..

No they haven't  I'm venerable and haven't had mine.

What's your funny moment that government announced truth and knew a 100%

I do need the vaccine but due my situation and complications alsoo housebound have had access yet. I'm a bit apprehensive as well.


  • charlie79
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    i meant to put a lie after 100%
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    The government don't know what they are doing half the time 
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    Hi @charlie79

    Have you been invited to book your jab ? I'm not saying the gov are correct but the figures don't include those who have declined it or can't have it 

    Also if you are housebound the district nurse come to you I have had both mine at home contact your gp 

  • charlie79
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    I haven't declined the problem is i cant leave my house only with one friend and the back of only her car. I can go to the surgery but a visit so much planning is needed. due tofears and severe agoraphobia. also someone coming into my flat has to introduced over a period of time and with someone of trust present. Everyone situation of covid its been impossible.
  • charlie79
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    I cant even open my front door for a delivery. 
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    As I see it there are only three choices, you can go where they tell you for the jab, you can in some circumstances have it done at home or you don't have it. Sorry to be a tad brutal.

    There is some hope that later in the year tablets will be avaliable instead of the jab but I think that will only be for those who have already had it.

    I sympathise with your situation but can't see anyway round it.

    And as ever with most post I make about covid my message is have the jab (if you possibly can).

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    @charlie79 Sorry to hear about your concerns about not being able to access the vaccine.

    Like woodbine, I can certainly sympathise with your situation. I wanted to ask if your GP surgery had been in touch with you as yet? Have they invited you to have the vaccine? And if not, could you maybe ring them to make inquiries about when that might happen?

    As some of our members have mentioned, there are ways and means of having the jab at home. But I realise that there are also some additional difficulties in your case charlie79. Just to check with you, what would you normally do when you needed to see either the doctor or the nurse? I wonder, if they're aware of your agoraphobia, would it be possible to follow the same sort of process for getting the vaccine, do you think? 

    That's something to think about anyway maybe? Apologies if there's other issues that might make our suggestions a bit problematic for you. But it would be good if we could find a way of helping you to get the vaccine, if at all possible. 

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