How has lockdown affected you most and what will the lifting of it mean to you? — Scope | Disability forum
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How has lockdown affected you most and what will the lifting of it mean to you?

Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
edited May 18 in Coffee lounge
Would love to know how you have all been coping with the lockdown - has it had any particular impact on you and if so what?

And now lockdown has lifted somewhat what will it mean for you? Have you  got any special plans? Or does it not have any impact at all?

Look forward to hearing from you all


  • Ross_Scope
    Ross_Scope Posts: 4,971

    Scope community team

    For me, the biggest two impacts have been not being able to see loved ones for along time, and not being able to go to live shows which is a big hobby of mine. 

    I don't have any immediate plans, I'm personally taking things more cautiously than the restrictions imposed by the government, so I won't be mixing with others for a little while yet

    What about you @Geegeenumber1?

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  • OverlyAnxious
    OverlyAnxious Member Posts: 1,645 Disability Gamechanger
    I realised last night the biggest change for me has been not going in to shops like B&M or Home Bargains to 'browse' or just pick up an item or two from the reduced section.  I used it as a bit of exposure therapy and a bit of motivation to get out and go somewhere once or twice a week.  Since lockdown I've just been doing a single supermarket shop each week, and buying anything else online.  

    It has had a huge impact on my agoraphobia & social anxiety, I can barely get out let alone any distance from my home any more where I was just about managing a 15 mile drive to see my Nan each week before lockdown, and fairly reliably managing 5 miles to the riverside.

    Sadly I don't think I'll be able to do any of those things again anytime soon, due to the increase in mental and physical issues.  I can't blame them all on Covid or the lockdown, but I think they were the final straw!  I don't have any immediate plans from the lifting of the rules myself.

  • Leigh14
    Leigh14 Member Posts: 344 Pioneering
    I’m very much like @OverlyAnxious. I barely went out before, and since lockdown, being on shielding list, I’m petrified of venturing out. Shopping is online, and I go to corner shop if I run out of bread. 
    I’m extremely wary of stepping outside the door.
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 12,290 Disability Gamechanger
    Ot hasn't affected me that much Z I don't go out that much 

    Home schooling has been a challenge 

    We did used to go to cinema once a month and for a meal as a treat  and sometimes into town centre 

    I'm not nervous about getting out there just my sight has got so much worse that I don't enjoy it now 

    Here to help with my experience in hunan resources and employment rights 
  • emmiet
    emmiet Member Posts: 1 Connected
    edited May 28
    For me it's been more of a physical challenge. I home educated for 2 years previous to lockdown so in that respect we just carried on. What has and still does impact me is that disabled rights and access seem to be the first to disappear. I am the only one who drives in my family, my husband had covid very early March 2020 and has been extremely ill since with long covid. So I am the one that has needed to get provisions etc.
    Firstly disabled bays were blocked off for queue systems, even after queuing dissipated they still had them blocked off. This resulted in me briefly being banned from B&Q for daring to say they were discriminating as at the time they were using the disabled bays to plonk trollies in!
    Secondly, I could not manage to get many online shopping slots so I had no choice but to venture out. I cannot stand for even a few minutes without extreme pain and weakness.  Some shops were brilliant and let you in with proof, others, well tough! The proof needed was odd too as they often wanted to see your blue badge which is obviously in the car! So does that mean the shops want disabled people to go walk over to the front of the queue to show the badge, back to the car to display it then back to the shop? Then when inside they want you to travel every inch of the store in a one way system. I just need to get in and out as quickly as possible as the pain is immense. 
    Thirdly, When I had to navigate our indoor town shopping centre. they had removed every single seat! I rang the manager and his response was more than childish asking me what I was going to do about it! He basically said (Removed, profanity)! He said there is a seat in the back for someone ill who needs it. I asked if that included disabled people just because they need to sit and said no! 
    Last of all I promise, Is the awful and terribly discriminatory way supermarkets have changed from bags or liners to none at all. I could manage with liners but now i am on the knees in the hallway pulling each separate item out of the tray and into a laundry basket. I cannot have the driver inside as my husband is particularly high risk at the moment and in my opinion adds more risk that just adding bags or liners which they say they have removed for covid/hygiene reasons. Have you seen those trays?? They are filthy! Last time i had a delivery I'm on my knees crying my eyes out. it's not the drivers fault. I feel for them. 

    It makes me feel so angry and frustrated a lot of the time. 

    Well this is may rant over, for now anyway! 
  • aylesburygirl
    aylesburygirl Member Posts: 8 Listener
    affected my mental health, my social anxiety is now very bad also physical ill health has only added to it.. so lucky if I get out once a week and that's only if my husband takes me locally to Morrisons, up to now it has been click and collect and he picks it up.. I am attempting next week to go with him and shop as we used to see if I can break this habit of staying in all the time.. it's awful to feel like this so I empathize with others with the same issues  :(
  • Geegeenumber1
    Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
    i understand how yuo both feel i havent been out the house since before christmas because of severe pain in my knees when i walk, i also cant stand for any length of time without severe pain. My mum does everything for me. I am waiting for referral from orthapedic surgeon and also need to lose 6 stone which is proving close to impossible. I cant exercise. Im getting a mobility car in a couple of months so at least ii can drive mum to the shops and we plan to take mini breaks to a hotel but i wont be able to walk still

    re social anxiety i cant imagine chatting to the shop assistants even as im just not used to it, I still do work on zooom etc but its not the same
  • aylesburygirl
    aylesburygirl Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi yes I also have physical problems, spondolosis of the lower spine and OA in both knees and like you I can't stand very long before the pain really kicks in, I suppose due to this it make it an easier option just to stay in. Since Christmas I have been out three 4 times that's nearly months, I do try during the lockdown it was easier as people didn't expect too much of me but now as I have a large family they are back to organizing get togethers etc.. so going to be tough I think  :(
  • Geegeenumber1
    Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
    i have secured taxis to get to university library that is the first and only time i have been out since before christmas so i understand

    the time i did attempt to go out i was in agony and had to return back

    im thinking of using my pip to pay for taxis to the supermarket as thats what id have to do if i didnt have my dear mum 

    i wouldnt mind get togethers etc if i could get there but my family is all up north so having a car would help though i hate going up there fat as i iknow there will be teasing about my weight

    do you have any problem with weight or diet, i have just started low carb diet fingers crossed
  • Geegeenumber1
    Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
    it feeels nice that someone understands 
  • Geegeenumber1
    Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
    the only adventure i get is a cheat day on sundays where we eat loads and drink wine but due to medication i dont get any buzz from alcohol anyway so its a waste of calories really !
  • aylesburygirl
    aylesburygirl Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Yes weight is a problem and been put on Lyrics that’s helped with pain but unfortunately not with weight, that’s another reason I want to try to get to the supermarket next week as the walking might help also going to try and go out walking the dog with my husband but I know although mentally I will feel better I will suffer physically. I’ve got my craft work keeps me sane 🙂don’t know what I’d do without it 🙂
  • cazza6565
    cazza6565 Member Posts: 83 Courageous
    I see no difference for me. I rarely go out but I miss a rummage in charity shops and I'm still in level 3 Glasgow so not everything open yet. 
  • Geegeenumber1
    Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
    I've got 6 stome to lose! Are you doing a special diet. It's good you can walk if with difficulty better than nothing 
  • Geegeenumber1
    Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
    what are lyrics? Ive tried tramadol. coedine, cocodimol naproxen and none make the slightest bit of difference to my pain, they mentioned steroids but i know thye cause massive weight gain as wel i cant afford to put on any more weight

  • Geegeenumber1
    Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
    they mentioned hydrotherapy when i can get to the swimming pool with car, have you tried that or heard about it
  • Geegeenumber1
    Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
    Wow good luck it sounds great jealous bet it keeps you fit
  • Geegeenumber1
    Geegeenumber1 Member Posts: 374 Courageous
    really what did you put in other words


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