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Supported living options for physically disabled young adult...??

forgoodnesssake Community member Posts: 486 Pioneering
edited November 2021 in Housing and independent living
Just beginning to look at future accommodation options for young adult with quad CP etc, but no LDs and who is actually at University. 
And there seems to be almost nothing out there, certainly in our, semi-rural area.  All provision in group houses or whatever is classed for LD and /or mention of phys only, or at least it is very much a "one size fits all" approach.  Is this the case across most of country and if so what do people in this young adults situation do? 
Just adding a ramp to a house which is aimed at a totally different group of people (with staff presumably trained accordingly) is just not really appropriate...but it can often feel a bit disrespectful to say that.  It's not about disrespecting people with different impairments, in particular cognitive ones, but more about respecting people's right to an appropriate setting for their needs etc.


  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community member Posts: 15,464 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @forgoodnesssake - I can appreciate your problem, as some time ago I tried to find suitable accommodation for a nearly 50 year old member with physical (& worsening mobility) problems in their locality. Nothing unless you were 55+ years old (in most cases 60+), but some for those with mental health issues. It does seem there is definitely a lack of suitable accommodation for those with 'just' physical impairments unless they're much older.
  • newborn
    newborn Community member Posts: 830 Pioneering
    @forgoodnesssake (I could start my reply by your name!) I will pause briefly from banging head against wall, after vainly wasting years campaigning,  because this is part of the national and international official 'deleting' of the existence of physical disability.   

    The European report somewhere showed the vast numbers who (though the report didn't join the dots and realise what they were saying)  effectively have no European Human Rights, due to being imprisoned without trial by lack of mobility-access mainstream housing.  Add those needing refuges, or care or supported living, (and I believe even prison accommodation is inadequate).  
    Always when attempting to draw attention to Equalities, I try the comparison with Race discrimination, because people do comprehend that one.   Try the perfectly true statement about exclusion of physically disabled people, from any and every official provision, then swap the words 'Physically Disabled' for the words 'Black and Asian'

    Now try again and see if it still looks o.k., or something to be dismissed as just some petty grievance?
    "Refuges and care and supported living provision excludes almost all Black and Asian people"
    Or "Housing of all kinds, throughout the country, excludes almost all Black and Asian people"

    Baffled providers of public and private goods and services will say "We didn't know we were supposed to give such people a thought, in fact we barely knew they exist, they are never mentioned in our office, or our planning group, or our policy draft, or our checks of how well we are doing,  so of course they don't come into our plans.  We didn't ask if they have problems or needs, so we didn't know they are excluded.  We ourselves are satisfied we are always in the right and never need to change a thing, so we never will ask about excluded people.  It must be their own fault if they don't just fit in with what we provide for other people.  Other people don't complain, so that proves it must be the excluded group's fault for just being awkward"



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