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JPW Community member Posts: 18 Listener
edited June 2021 in Work and employment
I need a little advise on accessibility of policies for starters.
I have no answers from Calc and Nalc so far
I've asked for the policies to be added to the website but was refused as they are 'private to our parish and are held in the office and available at request'
This is not accessibility or inclusion to me but I need advise before officially raising the issue at a prior agenda meeting which i was told to do where the matter would be added.

This is not my only area of concern.
As someone who is Nuero diverse has visual and sensory issues I also would like clarity on my inclusion such as access to reasonable adjustments and who is accountable in those circumstances? I volunteer but have rights surely as a employee would?

I would also like to know who is My clerks line manager or direct go to in case we have confliciting views as my fellow Pc's are not familiar enough at yet to support me.
I say conflicting because 2 new councillors have been accused of emailing at inappropriate times, told they should pay attention better in meetings and labelled protagonists amongst other things in the first 3 weeks of council.

We are there to ask, challenge and be critical without predetermination or bias again that swings both ways to all, Including County and Parish councillors.
I have been witness to bias directly and indirectly "people complain about anything and want to be offended" is not predisposition- The community have and rightly so access to information that prior was kept quiet.

We live in a society that is more aware, learning to accept, but understanding and education will take time before we can truly say we are inclusive.

It seems our current Clerk sees themselves as a stalwart and very capable and yet relies very much on the support of their chair and vice chair for some support that is obvious from the first 3 meetings. I suggested as have another new councillor that evolution as in a new part time clerk and admin would ease the burden and set the tone for the Parish - This idea was rubbished as previously said. Other suggestions such as mentors for new pc's has also been ignored.

This beginning does not inspire confidence in what should be a transparent and inclusive system. It also detracts from my initial enthiusiam of wanting to be physical presence and approachable in the Parish as my time is now divided in finding answers not being out there.


  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Scope Posts: 12,506 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @JPW :) I can see you've covered quite a few things in your post. I've therefore marked your post as unanswered so that we, and other members, can come back to it with any further information. 

    In terms of reasonable adjustments for volunteers, it doesn't seem as though volunteers are covered under the Equality Act in the same way that employees are. This page on the Scope website states that:
    The law does not cover reasonable adjustments in voluntary work placements in the same way as paid work, but it's still worth asking for them.

    Volunteers' rights (GOV.UK)
    This page on the NCVO website also has some further information that you might find helpful. 

    NVCO also have information on what to do if things go wrong whilst volunteering, in terms of making a complaint and what your rights are etc. 
    National Campaigns Officer, she/her

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  • craftyarts
    craftyarts Community member Posts: 19 Connected
    Good afternoon JPW Contact Citizens advice who may have some answers to your concerns . You may find that there is a access group in your area which you would be a valuable asset to them . Depending on your background there maybe pots of money to help you secure adjustments to help you , such as the armed services . The Rotary Club and Round Table might wish to help you. Turn 2 Us may have some useful tips for you . 
    I hope this has been helpful ? 
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