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Need help/advice w/t chronic disabling nerve injury

Drew80North Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi everyone, 

In February 2020 I became poorly at home.
After vomiting for a week and feeling extremely weak I collapsed in my bedroom. The way I fell I landed with my legs folded underneath me, and I was too weak to get up so I was basically sitting on my folded legs, I passed out and by sheer luck my sister visited me and used the spare key when she didn't get an answer. I'd been lay drifting in and out of conciseness for 11 hours.

She called an ambulance and I was taken into the critical care unit. Although I didn't realise it I had an "unknown" strain of Flu, double pneumonia, Colitis, Rhabdomyolysis, and injured kidneys (the latter likely the result of vomiting more liquid than I drank).

When I awoke in the CCU I couldn't feel my right leg at all and was chronically fatigued.
I had nerve conductivity tests on my leg, an X-ray on my leg and an MRI on my back. 
After the unknown Flu strain and Pneumonia was cleared I was sent home after being in hospital nearly a month. 
Astonishingly ALL my hospital notes, including the results of my scan, x-ray etc were "lost", the only thing I had was the discharge papers.

When I made my GP aware that I couldn't feel my right legx, nor move my foot or toes, I was referred to community rehabilitation and due the Covid crisis I was told I couldn't have any further explority tests, so I basically had one 30 minute physio session a week. The physios were very nice but they could only help me get back my strength in my left leg enough to stand using a frame.

I was referred to a Neurology Specialist who sent me for an MRI of my spine which showed "minimal degeneration". So for a year I was waiting for something else test wise whilst having the physio sessions.
In that time I've had quite noticable muscle wasting in my left leg. 

Recently I was passed onto a Neuro Physio and because, although 80% of the feeling came back in my bad leg, I still cannot move my foot nor bare any weight on it because when I stand using the frame, the heel seems to pull up and the toes face down
(the position a ladies foot would be in wearing a stiletto shoe - sorry I can't think of any other description). I've been told this is due to the nerve damage in my leg. 

I've been told I'll never walk normally again, and possibly may never walk again. 
I have a nerve conductivity test pending this month. Can anyone offer me any advice as to what questions or treatments I should be asking for and if anyone else has had a similar injury then I'd be grateful to hear from you. I really want to walk again and I do feel like just over a year has been wasted in terms of diagnosis and treatment. 

Thanks for reading


  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Member Posts: 1,968 Pioneering
    Hi @Drew80North very lucky your sister visited and found you at that time.  Im  glad you recovered apart from your leg.  Hopefully your pending nerve test can reveal what needs to be done looking forward. 
    Welcome to the forum and join in with the conversations floating around. 
  • MrMeltdown
    MrMeltdown Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Have you visited a chiropractor? sounds like your neck or back is crooked, it probably happened in the fall and needs a light adjustment. If it is not your neck/back and is actual nerve damage there was a JRE video on a lions mane mushroom that stimulates nerve growth and regeneration. This is a short out take  of the fulkl length video -

    hope this helps good luck 


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