What benefits am I entitled to?
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I'm a migraine sufferer. Are they any benefits for people who can work part time?

TitchnussTitchnuss Member Posts: 1 Listener
I suffer from violent Migraines , i have 3 part time job's, all cleaning, a job i love, but have had to go back to, as my other job as a breakfast cook in a hotel, was too much for me, and wasnt getting much rest bite to be able to cope and manage my Migraines.  I get weekends off now and, bank holidays, but one of my jobs is really hecktick, to which i wish i could give it up, but i cannot afford to do so.  Every night i come home from that one, I am in agony, especially in this heat.  I am on regular medication from the doctors, had a consultation with a Occupational Health advisor, To say i do have a disability and to manage my absent triggers accordingly.  I do want to continue to work , but cannot get help from PIP2 for support.   Can anyone advice me if there is a benefit out there for us, who can  work at least part time, for mental health reason, to be able to still have a working life, social life. see people, rather ran be confind to the bedroom or bathroom floor because of this ilness.  Please help ??


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