Got a budgeting advance. I want to pay this off early so I can get another. Has anyone done this? — Scope | Disability forum
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Got a budgeting advance. I want to pay this off early so I can get another. Has anyone done this?

beckbail Community member Posts: 37 Connected
Hi all
I have already got a budgeting advance on my universal credit, I've £135 left to pay off it then its finished, I'm wanting to pay this off early as I'm wanting another one petty much straight after, just wondering if anyone has done this before and got one. My circumstances haven't changed since I got the last one. Tia


  • MarkM88
    MarkM88 Community member Posts: 3,127 Connected
    If it’s paid in full and you owe nothing I would imagine you can apply for another, however I’m not sure if it’s guaranteed or whether you have to wait a specified period of time to allow for the full payment to be processed. I would not wholly rely on getting one very quickly. 
  • beckbail
    beckbail Community member Posts: 37 Connected
    Thank you for your reply @MarkN88, I'll pay it off and see what happens. 
  • cazza2021
    cazza2021 Community member Posts: 5 Connected
    @beckbail can i please just ask did you have to wait for the payment to fully clear to them before you were able to get another one and if so did they have to contact u via journal.
  • katie0714
    katie0714 Community member Posts: 26 Connected
    hi there. 
    Unfortunately paying off a budgeting advance in one lump sum does not guarantee you another. It will also take a few days for full payment to show on the system. I know from being in this situation that UC budgeting advances aren’t always a given even after paying off the entire amount owed. Please contact dwp before you make a decision. 
    I hope this finds you well ?
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Community member Posts: 49,741 Disability Gamechanger

    This member hasn't been active since June 2021 so they may not reply.

    I would appreciate it if members wouldn't tag me please. I have all notifcations turned off and wouldn't want a member thinking i'm being rude by not replying.
    If i see a question that i know the answer to i will try my best to help.
  • WelshChappie
    WelshChappie Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    edited July 16
    I've paid off an existing adv via phoning debt management who confirmed on the telephone, and again in my journal, they'd received payment, no money owed and system is updated to reflect it.

    In answer to can you apply for another straight away, yes, you can. There are three criteria you must meet to qualify or be able to get one....

    -6 month or more claiming benefit.

    -Don't owe the dep over (I think it's) £1,500,

    and third and lastly

    -paid off in full any previous budgeting advance.

    If you can meet those three, you qualify.

    They tried telling me when I applied 6 seconds after paying off the previous one "System hasn't updated your final payment yet so cant request another till it does." Which is rubbish and anyone who's and a loan previously, if in your journal it says under advances/previous adv. You now owe £0.00, that means the system seems to know a final payment is made, has been updated, and not going to affect your ability to apply.  

    In my case they were just throwing their toys as I caught the JC writing my Mand Recon for me without my knowledge and claiming that its my appeal which If allowed to stand via DM is fraud and all that and I basically begged them for 18 months sanction me as I literally told them I will do nothing at all required or me. They came back "Accepting committments is something you must do in exc for uni cred..." I then said I will accept nothing because it's worded as if it's your willing choice to do A,B,C,D and E at risk of sanction but an agreement between two or more parties is a contract, I'd agreed the previous and they used fraud and deception to appeal on my behalf and, I couldn't help but gleefully point out, fraud found in any contract is illegal and under the law if I use or attempt to use fraud in a contract to deceive the other agreeing partner, that instantly nulls the contract and its no longer legally binding.  

    I must have heard ... "Failure to do this and this could result in a sanction" 300 times and responded each time with "ohhh, please do." They know, again because I told them, any sanction will be immediately appealed and if I took it to a tribunal and the law of contract was cited they'd lose in 3 seconds. 4 Years now I've never put a job in the journal hist, never visited a JC  & in fact had a letter to inform me I was banned from Newport, Pontypool and Blackwood JC Officers for 3 months. Straight on the journal to let them know how utterly devastating this news was. 

    One decision maker did sanction me and I kid you not, I know this because I subject access requested my claim hist, advisors notes on your acct you can't see on your end but can when request in SAR and claim note said ...

    DM decision is to issue a sanction... Reason given...yada yada yada .

    The next day,.Newport JC managers more on the claiming history -

    "Sanction has been cancelled due to claiming ongoing issues and concerns with Mand recon and claimant will make JC staff job much more difficult my turning up at the JC and causing issues."

    I never said that once, but they have to come up with a reason for overruling DM sanction. I and theJC now have an unspoken understanding...they go over there and play on their cresch, I'll stay over here in mine and everyone wins..

    I've made it clear that any time they try to get me to do something by request or demand I'll outright refuse with a demand to be sanctioned, and I've let them know (because they wouldn't think twice about leaving people without a pot to pi.....urinate in, so they can have some back) that I'll never let this issue drop because they thwarted every attempt I made to hold the advisor accountable for acting outside His or Her Authority and stopped it going to a tribunal time and time again.

    As such, just hand them a shovel and watch them continue to dig all the while reminding them know, as they would with you & I if we break their rules and regs, that that's fine if they dont want to have an even playing field of a truly independent court / tribunal hear the case, I wouldnt either of I were sitting on their side. But, If they ever do sent me a message about anything at all ever,  I remind them that they are still covering up the identity of the advisor who did this, and that their own complaints management we falling over herself to say how sorry this has happened and that they were issuing me a £100 compensatory payment for essentially malfeasance or as theybl put it "Not receiving the extemely high standards he has every right to expect from us." I almost wanted to borrow Prince Charles poshness and go - "Quite....quite! Do you know who one is?" How bloody bothersome."

    The turn into George Dubya Bush -

    My fellow umbrella stands! I am givafying this presesetsl undress from my new home here in the lighthouse and we have always been extremely clearification on Corruptitude in the halls of Powwow.  The United States of Erica stand firmafied..... We will never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories,.starting with my being elected because my daddy was the former Resident of United States of Eric and, just like 9/11, when we catch these tourists who did this, they got it commin.  We gonna the enemies such as, Ab-BoBo must-av gone onz-Safari, and his network of tourists !

    I listen to A JFK speech like secrecy is repugnant speech, which is the most inspirational speech I've ever heard and stirs emotions to this day. . . Then Iook at Dubyas face and hear his speech ... a, a, wise man once said ....fool me once, sha...shame on me,.and you. But  you. Fo...fool me twice, shame on yo.. .A wise man once said, who certainly was not me...


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