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Got a budgeting advance. I want to pay this off early so I can get another. Has anyone done this?

beckbailbeckbail Member Posts: 34 Connected
edited June 29 in Universal Credit
Hi all
I have already got a budgeting advance on my universal credit, I've £135 left to pay off it then its finished, I'm wanting to pay this off early as I'm wanting another one petty much straight after, just wondering if anyone has done this before and got one. My circumstances haven't changed since I got the last one. Tia


  • MarkN88MarkN88 Member Posts: 1,272 Pioneering
    If it’s paid in full and you owe nothing I would imagine you can apply for another, however I’m not sure if it’s guaranteed or whether you have to wait a specified period of time to allow for the full payment to be processed. I would not wholly rely on getting one very quickly. 
  • beckbailbeckbail Member Posts: 34 Connected
    Thank you for your reply @MarkN88, I'll pay it off and see what happens. 
  • cazza2021cazza2021 Member Posts: 1 Listener
    @beckbail can i please just ask did you have to wait for the payment to fully clear to them before you were able to get another one and if so did they have to contact u via journal.
  • katie0714katie0714 Member Posts: 21 Listener
    hi there. 
    Unfortunately paying off a budgeting advance in one lump sum does not guarantee you another. It will also take a few days for full payment to show on the system. I know from being in this situation that UC budgeting advances aren’t always a given even after paying off the entire amount owed. Please contact dwp before you make a decision. 
    I hope this finds you well 💛
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