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Bipolar / BPD

steveo928 Community member Posts: 18 Connected
Hi everyone,

I’ve had struggles since childhood, mainly managing my behaviour and emotions, and found myself really struggling over the last few months. After speaking with my GP a number of times, he advised to self refer to Healthy Minds as it’s a quicker way to get referred to CMHT. 

My assessment was this morning, we covered quite a bit, and said that my symptoms are overlapping between bipolar and borderline personality disorder. The doctor will write to my GP to advice to change my medication to Mirtazapine (I think he said) which will also help with my sleeping and will have another appointment in about 2-3 months and I need to complete a mood diary and send it back to them. 

It’s been playing on mine quite a lot, especially tonight, and I just don’t know what to expect going forward. 

Will I have another appointment then just left to it? Do we build a support plan on how to cope and deal with my symptoms to let me live a meaningful life? Will they just diagnose then discharge? Or will it be a long process over the next few months maybe longer? 

I’ve recently lost my job so I’m taking some time out and focussing on me and my health. Trying to avoid stressful situations but had to claim UC who will now decide if I’m fit for work or not, I’m hoping this won’t make my symptoms worse.

Thank you for reading :) 


  • Cher_Alumni
    Cher_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,741 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @steveo928 How are you feeling today?  Thanks for telling us some more about yourself  :)

    It's good that you sought help when you felt the time was right and I hope the medication will improve your sleeping pattern.  We wouldn't be able to offer reliable insight into the pathway you'll follow as this can vary from trust to trust, so I'd recommend liaising with your GP or contacting the CMHT again to establish an idea of what will happen and in how long.

    In my experience, you're never just left with a diagnosis and expected to cope.  Care teams ensure that sufficient contact has been made with the patient so they are on appropriate treatment and have a plan in event things begin to deteriorate.  It sounds like you are prioritising your health which is a brilliant step and I'd encourage you to convey the goals you have in mind during your appointments, that would allow you to lead a meaningful life.  

    You mentioned that you're claiming UC now, have you been getting fit notes from your GP and submitting them?  Do you have a Work Capability Assessment date yet?  If we can help you with any part of this, please let us know.  I appreciate it can be a stressful process but try to take it one day at a time.

    I hope you're doing good today.  Take care and speak soon.
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  • Sarabun1804
    Sarabun1804 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    Hullo Steve,
    Hope you're having a content period. I've just been diagnosed too. Reading about it has explained so much of my past actions and reactions and the number of "scrapes", I've been involved with. I always knew something wasn't right in my thinking, extreme. I'm about to reduce my sertraline and begin mirtazepene. I know this sounds vain but im worried about the weight gain aspect, I'm borderline obese, ?. Borderline bloomin everything ☺.
    It's change too, not good with that since being a child.
    I have been on ESA since 2014, Im worried all the time about me getting money that I might have to pay back. I'm scared of enquiring in case all my money is stopped. Would I be eligible for  PIP?
    Sorry Steve, this is my first ever post. No help to you at all,

    Reckon I've heard Sailing By followed by the shipping forecast more times than a part-time fisherman due to sleep irregularity, still it's a nice tune.

    Take care,
  • steveo928
    steveo928 Community member Posts: 18 Connected
    Hey @Sarabun1804

    The weight gain is of concern for me as well, I have a really negative view of myself so it’s the last thing I want. I think the only thing we can do is try to do some exercising and eating healthy but that’s easier said than done when, if like me, you forget to eat, drink and can’t face leaving the house. 

    I did some reading on the suspected diagnosis and it ticked so many boxes for me, and now I think it has answered so many questions I’ve had over the decades IE what is wrong with me, why am I like this, why can’t I be “normal.” My mum and her partner have been diagnosed with the same so I find I’m comfortable with then more and they’re not judging or anything when I my mood changes. 

    PIP, it’s based on the difficulties you face because of your condition and not the condition itself. So for example, because of my condition I will, most days, forget to eat, drink, take my medication and my other half will prompt me IE asking what we want to eat or will just make something as he knows I won’t eat otherwise. If I visit family they’re at the stage where they’ll just put food in front of me and tell me to have something and I’d feel guilty for refusing it, if that makes sense.   

    My moods are really unpredictable and I hate being around too many people,I get annoyed, frustrated and really on edge so I avoid social situations etc. I rarely go out by myself too, I feel more comfortable with someone with me but even then my mood still derails.

    I would deffo look into PIP more and apply if you do experience difficulties that make everyday living hard for you etc. 

    All the best,

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