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Universal credit decision letter (UCD174) we owe you some money. But none of it makes any sence

babydani09 Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited June 2021 in Universal Credit (UC)
hi I have a very complicated inquiry about my claim on universal credit but to start off. I was claiming ESA for around 4 years. I got made fit for work. I went onto UC as my support worker told me to. Whilst we made a mandatory reconsideration against the ESA decision. I never heard a single thing back from ESA regarding the MR still to this day. But I went on a WCA for UC around December 2019. I also applied for PIP around January 2020 when I got put on LCWRA for UC. I was put on standard rate PIP every day living. But I got a odd letter from UC 2 days after I got made LCWRA saying I was owed £3,533.69 but because I already got paid £2,220.46 I would get £1,313,14 (I didn't get a single penny as they took all of the money for a tax credit debt that was also wrongly put on me! But anyway. The thing is the £3,533.69 payment I was told I was awarded was meant to be for 3 months apparently. As the 4 months before that wasn't my relevant period. Also the £2,220.46 they said I had already had was wrong I got £990 something around that amount. I been told a load of nothing from them when I try and ask what it all means I asked if it was my MR for ESA but they say they have no record of a MR on there computer. I want to know has anyone else had this happen? And I been searching for the letter they sent me to find out what the letter is sent out for but I can't find it anywhere you know like the UC50 letter. Well I have a UCD174 letter. Is anyone have any idea what could they be doing i know for sure they don't know there self as all they say is the letter has incorrect figures on it it is just so confusing. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated :)
Also the header of the UCD174 letter just says we owe you some money. But never actually got any money it really seems like they have a massive miscommunication with my MR I did with ESA and how the dates are so close I'd really appreciate if anyone has any ideas of what they done. Thank you in advance ?


  • calcotti
    calcotti Member Posts: 6,309 Disability Gamechanger
    Go through your UC statements for the period in question and see whether the amounts payable add up to £3533.69. If you kept copies of previous versions of the statements do they same with these, if not refer to bank statements, and see if these add up to £2220.41. That will explain the figures.
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