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I haven't had a telephone assessment, but they've said they have all the information they need. How?

martycmartyc Member Posts: 6 Listener
edited June 17 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hi , i applied for PIP in January. I've contacted them a couple of times to update information/medication as they ask . 
I thought i was going to have a telephone assessment and on one of my calls to them i actually requested that they did a telephone assessment as my case is not straight forward. 
Got a letter today mid June saying they have all the information they need and will let me know the decision shortly. 
My main question is this , why haven't i had a telephone assessment? Most of my issues relate to the invasive cancer treatment i had last year which has destroyed disks in my spine and causes the nerve to go off on a tangent causing me to collapse.  How can they have made a decision without talking to me 1st ? 


  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,160 Disability Gamechanger
    Hu there 

    It sounds like you have had a paper based assessment as they had enough evidence without a phone assessment 

    These do happen and in most cases is a positive outcome 

    My last review was paper based and I was awarded 
  • martycmartyc Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thanks for that. Was concerned they were just going through the motions. 
    I'd only just updated them with the MRI results then the letter arrived saying that they are now making decision. 
  • bankstoebankstoe Member Posts: 11 Connected
    @martyc Have you had your outcome? I have had similar. I submitted change in condition in January and am still waiting. I was advised on a call 3 weeks ago when I was chasing this up that they have the report back from the assessor and no need for an assessment. They did speak to my Physio direct but not me. It was the physio who did the supporting letter.
    I was told 3 weeks ago on telephone that I would hear something very soon but nothing until Saturday when a letter saying they have all the information needed to make a decision and that I do not need to contact them. So still a waiting game nearly 7 months on.
  • martycmartyc Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Yes i did get an outcome but not what i expected.  I got the daily living component,  lower rate. I was expecting mobility rate . Who knows how they got to those decisions but there you go. Took from December 2020 through to July 2021 for them to decide . 
  • CatsMeowCatsMeow Member Posts: 12 Listener
    I dunno if this is applicable here, but my mum wasn't enganging (missed two phone appointments because she was scared, didn't fill in the 'how your disability affects you booklet'); what they did instead was contact her GP for information on health and he provided details (awfully, and inaccurately - and was paid £35 for it by the DWP), and then told me they would make a decision based on all the information they have. Which is possibly more than you know. If you've ever been on ESA/UC and declared not fit for work, then they can use this. It's possible they've got in touch with your doctor and he has replied.

  • bankstoebankstoe Member Posts: 11 Connected
    Sorry to hear that, I was on standard daily but my condition has got worse in past 18 months and has got even worse past 6 months since I submitted my change. This is one reason why I wanted an assessment so I could tell them but they haven't done one. My condition is going to get worse and i know that and will never get better. (I Have muscular dystrophy) so if i don't get the correct rate will have to appeal and then submit a change every year.
  • martycmartyc Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Unfortunately for me I've been trying since last August to get the medical professionals to listen . Oncologist says one thing consultant says another and the GP , well they're holed up in concrete bunkers and not coming out . I've finally after falling , breaking nose and teeth got a GP to see me at last and agrees with many of my issues. So with that now sorted I'll be asking for a review. 
  • bankstoebankstoe Member Posts: 11 Connected
    Yes, Don't stop till you get what you are entitled to. It has took me a long time to admit defeat to my condition. I do get support from a specialist centre for Muscular Dystrophy. I do not go to my GP and haven't been for years due to difficulty then trying to get an appointment. I constantly fall due to foot drop and now wear supports and a stick.
  • martycmartyc Member Posts: 6 Listener
    I actually asked for a telephone assessment twice before they made their decision but they still sent me a letter saying they had all the information they needed. So even if you ask they wont do it either . The bit that is laughable is they acknowledge my daily needs will go on for 9 months yet say they can't be sure the mobility part will go on for 9 months yet my conditions for both are exactly the same . Still trying to work that one out but it gives me a headache.  I hope yours goes well and you get what you're entitled to and deserve.  
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