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Finding nature helps

Emilyb81 Community member Posts: 530 Pioneering
Hi everyone ?
Just wanted to start a post/discussion to talk about how helpful I am finding nature mainly bird watching I feel at the moment really helpful with my mental health issues? I mean I'm not saying it's curing anything but I am definitely finding watching birds outside my windows raising their babies etc it's almost like meditation? And I can find myself sat looking /watching them outside for a lot longer than I have ever been able to meditate? I have always struggled to meditating simply because I find it extremely difficult to switch my negative talking brain off?? So I have tried many times over the years to do various types of meditation and breathing exercises etc! And have always felt disappointed because I was putting judgment on myself for not doing it right or not feeling any better? So I gave up every time! And I understand that's not what it's about but in any case I struggle with it so recently figuring out the power in nature has been amazing! I may sound needy or whatever but I don't care hehe birds are awesome and there is definitely power in nature! It calms me down so much watching all the different birds in their chaos feeding their young etc and sometimes even just watching the trees? ? I just wish I had discovered this sooner?! It is a shame I am unable to take my window and what's outside it out with me if I go anywhere so I have maybe got a better chance to stop my anxiety? But next time I do go anywhere I will try to find nature outside and see if maybe it will help me not to freak out so easily! Anyway that's my tuppence worth (and the rest) hopefully other people have found that nature or maybe other things are helpful to calm themselves down? Or maybe you have suggestions?
I am now finding birds, trees and music do work maybe not all the time but definitely powerful stuff for mental health and physical health too! Have a fab weekend peeps ??????????????️?


  • Ross_Alumni
    Ross_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,652 Disability Gamechanger
    Delighted to hear that nature is helping you at the minute @Emilyb81. It does have a very relaxing quality to it doesn't it?
    Online Community Coordinator

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  • janer1967
    janer1967 Community member Posts: 21,964 Disability Gamechanger
    Glad you have found something that works for you 

    Also thanks for sharing as this may be useful for others 
  • leeCal
    leeCal Community member Posts: 7,550 Disability Gamechanger
    edited June 2021
     I have always struggled to meditating simply because I find it extremely difficult to switch my negative talking brain off
    Have you tried counting your breaths? Whilst counting your brain is talking the counted numbers. I count one to ten on the out breaths, if I lose count I start again from one. This is a tried and tested method advocated by many Buddhists. The counting prevents inner dialogue and keeps you in the present moment.

    by the way the point of meditation is awareness not blissing out, awareness of the now. If you experience bliss or joy whilst doing it then that is fine but it’s not the point of meditation. 

    Experiencing awareness of the now is really all its about and so you see by counting you cant really do it wrong. probably why you enjoy watching the birds is that they feed their young in the now, also they’re cute aren’t they.

    “This is my simple religion. No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness.” 
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

  • Emilyb81
    Emilyb81 Community member Posts: 530 Pioneering
    Thanks @janer1967 :smile: and  @Ross_Scope it sure does! Shame I haven't discovered it sooner but everything happens for a reason and I must of needed to get to where I have been!
    @leeCal I think the meditating for me was harder because I'm making it harder by judging how I'm doing it all the time or not doing it?? I try to stay focused on now and what I mean is switch my thinking off because there is constantly a voice in my head well my own voice either telling me I've forgotten something or need to do something? I am always thinking about the future or the last rather than now so then I am trying to argue with myself tell myself to shut up? Blimey I probably sound even more insane than u already did :lol: I just gave up on it because I wasn't able to imagine myself in another place like the guided meditations where your lying on a beach or something? And guided meditation in general their voices tend to bug me? So can't take what they are saying seriously! Anyhoo so I gave up on many guided ones and stopped using them? Then there were some meditations where its just music but I'd fall asleep in them I don't think that's what is meant to happen either or maybe again I'm judging it too much or putting expectations on it all!
    I appreciate the breathing /counting suggestion funnily enough years ago someone told me to breathe in counting to say 4 then out to 8?or in 5 out 10?and actually that did help me at the time I don't know what made me stop doing it! I do find it hard to stay focused on things I lose interest in stuff very fast I need to try harder to stick with things that help me! I will try your counting suggestion too so thankyou :smile: it is great watching birds and trees etc and as they are in the now you're right it's probably why it's helpful to me! It's just good to have options and things to work on improving etc because for many years I've been told what's wrong with me but rarely how to fix anything?! So I'm grateful for this forum and all you wonderful people! ??? Thankyou!! 
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