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Back pain and rib pain that's stopping me from walking

Hi eveyone I'm new here. I have had back pain for the last four years and rib cage pain that comes on and off.  In the last two years I've had an ultra sound to look for gallstones for the rib pain and that came back that I didn't. It also is really painful to sleep on my sides because it feels like somthing is digging into my ribs on both sides and I'm not sure if any of the rib pain is connected to my back problems. at the time I thought it was just bad posture with the back pain so with pain getting worse my doctor sent me for an xray on my back. my doctor surgery text me my results saying

(your xray has shown slight curvature of your thoracic spine (upper back) and also some wear and tear changes (osteoarthritis) in the lower (lumbar) spine which is not in keeping with your age.  I am referring you to the Rheumatologist and the physiotherapist.)

I finally spoke to  both via phone and video call due to covid. The physio lady told me my curve was basically minor and many people have these and it doesn't cause them pain? But I am very slanted over to one side but she  didn't seem to think this was a problem and just told me to lean side to side and forward daily as part of my physio treatment. I then spoke to rhemutoligst about the osteoarthritis she also told me it is normal for my age for this problem too (I'm 28 btw ) I told her I'm struggling to walk and do anything the pain is so bad and pain in my legs that shoots down and some times my thighs go really numb. She then requested me to have an mri scan to rule out there wasn't a tumour in case it was compressing in my back and causing the pain. I recently had the mri results and my doctor surgery txt me my results again

(the MRI report, the conclusion states: "Multilevel disc degeneration with significant endplate oedema noted at L4/L5 however no convincing neural impingement is seen") 

does anyone know what that means? He didn't really know and said rhemutoligst will have to get back to me and explain. I told him my worst pain for walking is on my left side under my shoulder blade but he said I would need another scan because the mri only scanned the bottom of my back.

I just want to be able to  get back to living again. im struggling so much and can't barley move or walk and really hunched over with the pain I've been giving naproxen in the mean time. Can anyone suggest anything?

Many thanks 


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    Hello @ChelseaJG and a warm welcome to our community.  I'm sorry you join us in these circumstances and experiencing so much pain, that must be difficult to manage some days.  Are you coping okay emotionally?

    Unfortunately, we aren't medically trained so wouldn't be able to offer reliable guidance about what the MRI report wording means.  Do you know when the rheumatologist will be getting in touch?  Or could you ring their secretary to find out?

    This NHS webpage on Back pain covers the array of treatment options you might want to discuss exploring, in conjunction with your GP.  While, you could also ask for a referral to a pain clinic or contact one of the following pain support organisations:
    Please keep us posted with how you get on, and I really hope you have some relief from the pain soon.  Take care  <3
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