Universal Credit
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Overpayment, sanctions and stress

huneyhuney Member Posts: 20 Listener
So I submitted a appeal against my overpayment of uc that was caused by dwp (they wrongly applied carer element when I didn’t ask for it)

Since then it’s like they have it out for me. I’ve been sanctioned and they keep moving the appointment and adding more sanctions and now they’re saying I have another huge overpayment where they say should have been benefit capped when I know I shouldn’t but can’t prove it as my statements aren’t online any more and the few that are have all been changed and some date back to when it was a telephone only claim. And another because apparently I was getting wrong LHA and that I was getting the wrong disabled child element which isn’t true. Now a letter for a tax credit debt I apparently owe from 2010?!!? Everything I try my uc is just getting worse.

So now I have:
-overpayment of carer element which was their fault
-overpayment of disabled child element, but they’re wrong!!
-overpayment from LHA which I don’t agree with but can’t prove because can’t get statements
-overpayment because they claim I should have been capped when I shouldn’t 
-tax credit overpayment from 2010 that I’d never heard of or knew anything about until now
AND I’m sanctioned with no end in sight 


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