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Door (un)locking from wheelchair on slope of temporary ramp - doable? temp ramps with platforms?

Snowbelle Community member Posts: 44 Courageous
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience on the practicality of opening/locking/unlocking a door using a temporary ramp (as door is up a step).

I am trying to find somewhere to rent urgently.  
There is a property that looks like it might be suitable but the front door is up a single step (backdoor has 2).  
I had been thinking it would be doable if I bought a temporary ramp & put it over the step (thankfully it's a private entrance, so would be permitted).  
But I've realised it may be difficult to lock/unlock the door if I'm on the slope of the ramp.  

I'm not sure if it's possible to get temporary ramps that have a flat platform area at the top?

I would mostly be using a powered tricycle attachment on a manual wheelchair, so usually approach the door slightly to the side to get close enough.  Its power is all in the front wheel so it's not great at hill-starts! 

Unfortunately, the urgent OT waiting list is about 7 months, so by the time I'd get an OT appointment I'd be halfway through the 12 month tenancy.

Really appreciate any experience / wisdom anyone can share,



  • newborn
    newborn Community member Posts: 830 Pioneering
    Is there a way you can have someone construct what you need?  Of course I don't know the ownership of the land just alongside the front wall, nor the feasibility of constructing a long ramp to the rear door. (or even, gradually up the side, then level at the back)    I'm imagining a run-up ramp, as long as possible, running along the wall till it reaches the platform at the door.  Maybe you could research if any charities or 'men-in-sheds' or other would devise something using, say, timber and scaffold poles and marine ply, to avoid concrete?   Otherwise, an ordinary builder would do it, and would offer a price for dis-assembling and making good if the owner wanted it removed later.   lYou could also offer to lodge the 'making-good' money alongside the tenancy deposit or some such safety-proofing for the landlord.  (I'm thinking if the ramp supports are secured by drilling into the wall, the making good would be just some concrete, coloured to blend in. And removing and disposing of materials)

     In theory a) you are entitled to expect consent from the landlord b) the property is never damaged, only enhanced for all future occupants, if it is accessible. 
    Against that, 1) local authority's own  adaptions are a peculiar degree of ugliness never seen elsewhere,  2)private landlords will prefer not to pay for anything and not to have an 'awkward' tenant,
  • Snowbelle
    Snowbelle Community member Posts: 44 Courageous
    @newborn Thank you very much.  Great advice.  I will try asking a friend in the building trade if he has any ideas of what it would involve & costs. 
  • littleacorn
    littleacorn Community member Posts: 357 Pioneering
    I use a ramp up my front step making easier to get in and out.  It is one like they use on the roads and path and is yellow. I use a powerchiar and it does not roll back. I have a piece of rope attached to the handle so when I have left the house I turn round and come back up into the house a little and grab hold of the rope. This enable me to reverse holding onto the rope until the door is closed. 


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