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Cancelled telephone appointment

freshwaterlillyfreshwaterlilly Member Posts: 19 Listener
edited July 20 in Universal Credit
just wanted some advice please I had a telephone appointment for Monday with my work coach 
I received a message in my journal saying the appointment has been cancelled no explanation nothing I then got a text at 4.45 on Friday telling me I had to go to the job centre at the time I should have had my telephone appointment 
again no explanation given 
I feel that this is just a way to try to trip you up with the information that I have given I have tried for months to get the DWP to assess me and get a UC50 form only for them to use every excuse not to look at my claim 
I cannot possibly get to that appointment Monday I can’t go out on my own anymore and need someone to come with me I can’t get anyone at such short notice and this is unfair of the DWP to do this to people 
I have sent a message telling them that I can’t get there for Monday and explained why 
I suppose they will now stop my benefits this really is an awful system and makes your illness so much
worse because of the stress they cause us 


  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,201 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi there 

    You have done everything you can do for now by informing them you are unable to attend 

    Your work coach should refer you for wca after providing a fit note for 28 days or more and reporting a medical condition 

    I would try and call the job centre on Monday 
  • freshwaterlillyfreshwaterlilly Member Posts: 19 Listener
    thanks for reply they have fit notes from my doctor they are all up to date
    they just dont care about people and soon I will get my state pension and come off UC 
    thank goodness 
    they are a total disgrace how they treat people when they are at crisis point in their  lives
    it will take ages to get through and then you will get someone who can’t even understand what
    You are saying it’s hopeless 

  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,484 Disability Gamechanger
    I think you have to bear in mind that the DWP has been extremely busy during the pandemic, like all providers of services they have been short of staff etc etc, it's unfair in my humble but considered opinion to say they are a total disgrace, they for the main part are poorly paid, poorly trained and vastly over-worked.
    Have you informed the pensions dept that you are about to qualify for you SRP? you should do so at least 4 months before.
    "Putting a child into care, isn't caring for a child" (T.Rhattigan)
  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,615 Disability Gamechanger
    They have explicitly told people to not submit fit notes for a period because theres a backlog.  
  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 2,197 Pioneering
    woodbine said:
    ... they for the main part are poorly paid, poorly trained and vastly over-worked.
    Indeed, many will be claiming UC or Tax Credits themselves
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
  • freshwaterlillyfreshwaterlilly Member Posts: 19 Listener
    I don’t doubt any of the things you are saying 
    and yes I have informed them of my impending state pension 
    if they can add a message in your journal then at the least they could do is give a reason for 
    the cancellation as they are already typing in your journal how long would that take another minute of their time
    many occupations are poorly paid poorly trained and under paid that doesn’t mean they can’t be more kinder in their approach 
    I have not been told at anytime not to provide sick notes on the contrary they chase me in my journal at least a week before my fit note runs out 
    I think that we all have different experiences of the DWP or if our work coach is good or not
  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,484 Disability Gamechanger
    To be fair in my 24 years of being disabled and claiming benefits I have found the DWP (and the DHSS before them), to be fair.reasonable and respectful, but I have accorded them the same in return.
    "Putting a child into care, isn't caring for a child" (T.Rhattigan)
  • freshwaterlillyfreshwaterlilly Member Posts: 19 Listener
    i had my telephone appointment as usual and was told it was a mistake by “someone”
    it shouldn’t have happened and sorry for the confusion and stress caused 
    so at least that was said which is nice
    As for the UC50 form update my coach can’t help me and I have to phone the helpline direct
    at the moment I really can’t face it 
    everything is such hard work with the DWP and I think it’s lovely if you have a different experience than me sadly for the short time I have been on UC there are very few people that 
    are prepared to listen or help you
    this morning I am glad to say I actually found one

  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,201 Disability Gamechanger

    Glad the call went ahead 

    However I don't think your work coach gave you the right information 

    It is definitely the work coach that should refer you for the wca process to get the uc50 form sent 

    Can you put something in your journal and request someone does this 

    Mark it a service issue then it should be seen by a case manager 
  • freshwaterlillyfreshwaterlilly Member Posts: 19 Listener
    Sorry I think you misunderstood me
    i filled in a UC50 form they got it but contacted my doctor for a health report in my married name
    i have been separated for over 3 years and have changed everything back to my previous name
    At no time have I ever given my married name to the DWP
    my doctor could not give a health report in a different name so my UC50 form was immediately stopped the DWP would not give me any information on how they used or got my married name 
    I was then told to fill in another U50 form which I have objected to and asked for the original form to be sent back I have made complaints I have gone on the government website and make several complaints I have heard absolutely nothing no one gets back to you no one is interested 
    fast forward another month and I have filled in another form in the same name as the 1st one again nothing my work coach says I have to ring the helpline as he cannot get the authorisation to find out 
    you are probably quite correct and it’s just another run around I have asked for months for a UC 50 form finally I got it filled it in sent it back and they have done everything they can to not even 
    look at it let alone assess me 
    so I do apologise for being so negative but that’s how they have helped me I’ve used food banks and had no money in the winter to put the heating on without children I don’t know how I would have got through this and there are thousands of me out there and the government are not at all interested they do everything in my experience to stop you getting anything even if you are entitled to it
  • woodbinewoodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 4,484 Disability Gamechanger
    @freshwaterlilly i'm sorry to hear you have had poor service from the DWP, it's usually the case that when things go wrong they go badly wrong. Have you at any point involved your MP ? that can sometimes be helpful.
    "Putting a child into care, isn't caring for a child" (T.Rhattigan)
  • freshwaterlillyfreshwaterlilly Member Posts: 19 Listener
    Thank you very much for replying but to be honest I’ve almost given up nothing I have done to try to get this resolved works they just ignore me
    I just think they know I will get my pension soon and if they stall long enough they won’t have to give me anything I have been told over and over again to claim for this extra help as I am entitled to it my mental health has deteriorated so much I can’t tell you
    without my kids I would have starved I really am not exaggerating when I say that
    its frightening that even today people have nothing and get nothing and have nothing to live on
    asking my MP too late I think now 
  • Ross_ScopeRoss_Scope Posts: 4,144

    Scope community team

    Hello @freshwaterlilly

    I'm sorry to hear of the continuing impact this is having on your mental health, it can't be easy to go through. If you feel as though your mental health is becoming harder to manage, do ensure you speak with your GP or MH support team to see if there's any way in which they can support you further. 

    You can view some coping techniques here from Mind, but I would encourage you to indulge in any hobbies or interests that you have, as a means of relaxing your mind a bit during this time.

    How are your kids getting on? :) 
    Online Community Coordinator

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