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Deluxetine or flouxetine

Anyone had experience of the above meds

My heart was racing like crazy 1 hour later after taking my 1st deluxetine in 2018 for 4 weeks and felt really quite poorly, i couldn’t eAt for feeling sick, I wasn’t looking after myself cleaning etc
ive always enjoyed music and have used music to help mood/pains but I found it impossible to enjoy any music, also I didn’t feel like I was normal self,  felt like I wasn’t in my own body. I’ve not explained this to my gp, 
it was such a relief to stop taking them. I smoked some cannabis and felt immediately better and began recovering from the effects of the deluxetine 
however I noticed I had a more persistent pain in different parts of my body and returned to codein and paracetamol it’s been up and down since then more down then up it seems.
I’ve recently been prescribed fluoxetine but am extremely reluctant as I learn they are from the same family as deluxetine which I swore I would never take again.

really worried about feeling that way again although I really could do with some respite from the daily episodes of fluctuations of pain or pain induced from my mood?


  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Posts: 9,644 Scope online community team
    Hi @boristheblonde :) 

    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with duloxetine a few years ago. It's understandable that that would make you nervous about trying another medication. 

    As you may be aware, we're not able to offer medical advice here on the community. You mentioned not having mentioned those side effects to your GP- is that something you'd feel comfortable trying to talk to them about? They'll be best placed to speak to you about the possible side effects you may experience this time around, how long those might last, and what can be done to alleviate the negative side effects a bit. 

    This NHS page on duloxetine also has lots of information that you may find helpful.
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  • Beesmummy798
    Beesmummy798 Member Posts: 71 Courageous
    edited July 2021
    Hi there hope all is well. Although duloxetine and fluoxetine are both used to treat depression they are both from different groups of them. Duloxetine is an (snri) fluoxetine is an (ssri). If you Google the groups it'll explain them, it's hard to explain the way they work. I worked as a pharmacy dispenser for 10 years and have a little knowledge. I would just suggest giving the fluoxetine a go (for at least 6 weeks) it could be that an ssri sits better with you. Plus don't give up, many people have to go through a lot of different anti depressants before they find the one that suits. Myself included. But always give at least 6 weeks on a new anti-d  Good luck x


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