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Hi everyone I do hope you're all ok today once again (Removed by moderator, profanity) night's sleep for me all my housework is done I have had my morning meds Hospital received my bowel cancer screening test yesterday so now it's in the lab I'm very anxious and scared my mind's all over the place so now it's sit back and wait on results anyway I hope you all have a lovely day in whatever yous all have planned ?? xxx


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    Hi @alex19

    Good morning to you too!

    Sorry to hear that you didn't sleep well, but that doesn't appear to have stopped you from being super productive and getting your housework done :) 

    I hope you get the results from the test soon and that it's good news for you. 

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  • alex19
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    @Ross_Scope yes I know you have edited post sorry about that it won't happen again although am not well ATM I'm busy from morning till night things still need done as they won't do itself lol