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Carpol tunnel from long term crutch use

Carrie38 Community member Posts: 73 Courageous
edited August 2021 in Cerebral palsy
Hi I have Cp and gave been using crutches for 20 years they have damaged my hands and need surgery on both hands for carpol tunnel . I am loosing fine motor skills with my hands like writing  ,eating  dressing etc . I have put this off for years as need my hands to move but I can't let them get worse as what I have lost already I can't get back but a operation  will.stop.any further issues . I am worried how I will cope during recovery as use my hands for my mobility . Having one hand done at a time . Pain is really bad someday on top of the other pain I have. Waiting list huge due to covid . 

Has anyone else had carpol tunnel from long term crutch or sick use? 


  • Reg
    Reg Community member Posts: 109 Pioneering
    Hello - I have mild cp and have a number of hand surgeries for clawed fingers and tendons. Started having operations before I began to use a crutch but the crutch hasn't helped as I use it on the hand where they tied tendons together so I can't operate fingers individually. It means I can't grip the crutch hard and so hang on to it with a thumb and one finger. They said a couple of years ago that I need more surgery on the crutch hand but I resisted thinking that it was more important to keep walking . It is difficult isn't it. Afraid I don't have any solutions but I know from experience that it takes a long time to recover hand use after surgery. Maybe it would be an idea to ask for neuro physio exercises to keep your leg strength up whilst you can't use the crutch because of the surgery ? Only other thought was that I was advised to use a stroller - I resisted that but it might be easier for you while you are waiting for surgery or recovering ? Hope you don't have to wait too long for the surgery 

    I am a Scope volunteer.
  • Carrie38
    Carrie38 Community member Posts: 73 Courageous
    thank you for your reply its so hard when you rely on hands to move i use both hands to walk so will be hard I am going to ask for steroid Injection for pain when waiting for operation.  

    I do have a walker as well buy fund crutches the easiest.  I agree I need to keep legs moving too. I have mild cp too but the impact on my body as I get older is greater . Take care 


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