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Does it ever feel like you aren't wanted?

Honestly, I know this may sound daft, but sometimes I feel like I'm not wanted.
I often wonder, if I wasn't here( not dead, just runaway or something) whether I would be missed, or if everyone would let out a cheer.
I feel horrible about myself and nothing seems to help.
What should I do?


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    Hi @Awesomelorenzo :)

    That's not a daft thing to say, don't worry. I think a lot of people feel that way at times, I know I have.

    Have you had a think about why you might feel that way? Sometimes these vague thoughts can feel a bit overwhelming, and pinpointing the root cause can be helpful in working out how to try and stop these negative thoughts, or make changes to your life that help you to feel a bit better. Does that make sense? 

    For example, is it that you don't have many people around you? Is it that you feel like a burden? Is it that you have people around you, but you don't feel close or connected to them? There could be lots of reasons why you may be feeling this way, and they're a bit easier to address once you've tried working them out a little. Talking it through with other people can help with this. 
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