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poems for anther local poetry competition

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Hello to Scope online community

Poem called of writing poetry

  1. A young woman called Pope.

  2. She gave many people hope by reading her written poems

  3.  Pope had a fantastic faith in her poetry writing. 

  4. Which was exciting so many people

  5. As Pope knew would climb a steep hill at the beginning of her poetry writing career

  6. She was able to hear her heart beating her fast because at last Pope had found love with a young man called James

  7. Pope and James families were against getting married 

  8. Pope lived and James lived in the hope both families would accept their love for each other

  9. Pope and James first meet each other in a poetry writing class

  10.  James and Pope made beautiful poems

  11. Pope and James poems seemed to flow off their tongues 

  12. They took a  breath in from their lungs

  13. They were both so young

  14. They were able to string some words together

  15. Whilst everyone hears the rain falling on the tin roof

  16. Which was fantastic proof that the weather outside was miserable outside

  17. As they both strode to brighten many peoples days through poetry writing

  18. Which were lighting many hearts around the world.

  19. They curled up to their loved ones.

  20.  As James and Pope like eating plumbs

  21. Pope and James the day came that both families accepted their love for each other.

  22. With both James and Pope mothers becoming great friends.

  23. As James and Pope’s love grows stronger with each day.

  24. As James and Pope were looking forward to their wedding day.

  25. They paid attention to every little detail on their big day

  26. They shared special memories with both families of Pope and James.

  27.  For their first dance song, which couldn't help falling in love with you was playing. 

  28. Pope and James had written poems for each other 

  29. James looked dashing in his blue coloured suit and brown leather shoes.

  30. As Pope was looking stunning in her beautiful white dress and James was impressed.

  31.  As James, both Pope received blessings from both families.

  32.  Who were now so pleased. 

  33. As both James and Pope fathers read their speeches 

  34. Which teaches James and Pope need to take care of each other.

  35. James and Pope wedding day was like a fairytale

  36. As they both ahead beer at their reception party.

  37. James and Pope’s poems were projected on a big screen.

  38. James and Pope’s poems had true meaning.

  39. As James and Pope were dreams where poetry writing could lead to

  40.  As they grew as poetry writing.

Poem called having a passion

  1. A young man called Jay

  2. He had great faith in god

  3. Jay prayed for peace, and around the world

  4. As twirled and weaved words together.

  5. As he endeavoured to become a singer and songwriter.

  6. Jay's song lyrics gave people  Faith, Hope and Love. 

  7. He went through difficult times.

  8.  Jay began a tough road to success.

  9. He was going to take a test.

  10. Jay never rested 

  11. He invests the time in his craft

  12. Jay had so many drafts of his songs on his desk

  13. Which was a mess

  14. But he still pressed forwards with his singer-songwriter career

  15. He had great fear that his career would go up in smoke with one wrong move.

  16.  Jay knew he had time to snooze if he wanted to move forward with his career.

  17. He had many new ears listening to his music 

  18. Jay wanted to spread love, faith and hope to love through his music.

  19. Music helped him get through and time showed the power of music.

  20. Which gave a kick to find solutions to his problems.

  21. Praying to gives strength to keep fighting for his dreams

  22. Nothing seems impossible to achieve your dreams

  23. As he beams smiles and bringing warmth to people's hearts

  24. Through the art of music can cleansing your soul

  25. As he reaches our goal

  26. Jay filled an empty hole was in his soul

  27. He was on a role

  28. Jay was in control of his own destiny 

  29. Which suggests to me it was meant to be.

  30. You will see me rise from my knees again

  31. When he will hope to take the music charts by storm

  32. He forms get relationships with people already music industry 

  33. Jay would work under the radar for a bit and sit tight

  34. He dreamt at night of succeeding and believed in his passion for music

  35. Music has been solving.

  36. Which also moving the barriers he put in front of himself 

  37. As he had a bookshelf of books with taught how to become a songwriter 

  38. As Jay made his song lyrics tighter

  39. He now brighter future in the music industry

  40. The day he succeed my selling his first music album cheerful smile on his face



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